The Secrets Of Pheromones

The Secrets Of Pheromones

23rd Mar 2016

The Secrets of Pheromones

pheromonesA pheromone is a chemical that mammals produce which change the behavior of other mammals of the same species. Pheromones are natural and behavior-altering. Many people associate pheromones with sexual behavior, but pheromones can do a lot more than affect someone's sexual desires.

Pheromones are ectohormones, which means they act outside the body. They differ from most other hormones because of this factor. Pheromones affect other individuals, not the person who is secreting them.

Unlike insects, Pheromonal odors in mammals don't have to be smelled to be received. One can still feel influenced by pheromones without being attracted by any scent whatsoever. Closeness is the key factor in whether or not someone will be affected by pheromones. For example, pheromones are present in our sweat. They begin to affect those around us when they are released into the air.

Natural pheromones can be secreted to trigger various types of behaviors, including respect, bonding, sexual arousal, fear and panic. Mammals detect pheromones through an organ in the nose called the VNO (Vomeronasal Organ), which connects to the hypothalamus in the brain. Pheromones are also present in insects, solely for communication and mating.

What pheromones are and what they can do

Many people are very misinformed about pheromones and immediately affiliate pheromones with just animals, and that's not accurate. Yes, animals do secrete pheromones, and they use them to communicate and protect their young from predators. However, pheromones are just as common in humans as they are in animals. Humans can do a lot more with pheromones than animals can, because we understand what they do, and we can use them to our advantage more so than animals can.

The general consensus about pheromones is that they can trigger sexual behaviors and can make one appear more attractive to someone of the opposite sex. People think that pheromones are something that will help them find a mate. While that might be in the cards for you, there are other things in store. Pheromones can heighten your sexual encounters, but they can also affect your day-to-day interactions with those around you. Pheromones can do much more than you may be aware of, and can have power over many emotional and physical aspects of human life.

Pheromones are more than just chemicals. They are literally scents that we can't smell. Though we can’t smell them, we act upon them. One can become completely inebriated by the natural smell of another, and most of the time we confuse scent with attraction. That guy you hooked up with last Friday night after you met him at the bar ended up at your apartment because you were naturally attracted to his scent, not because of his nice eyes. Both males and females succumb to the scent of desire without even realizing it.

There is so much power behind our pheromones and our natural hormones, but we don't realize it. We use man-made scents to attract others, like perfume and cologne. But, there are several studies that show humans are more attracted to the natural scent of their partner than any kind of perfume or cologne. A couple won't be compatible if they are not naturally attracted to each other's scents. That's why it's so important to let our natural hormones flow, and to not mask what our bodies are naturally doing when we are attracted to someone.

The four types of pheromones

There are four principal types of pheromones that are prominent in humans.

Releaser pheromones elicit immediate responses from those who smell them. For example, have you ever seen an ant wandering around and thought to yourself, "How in the world is he going to find his way home?" Ants emit releaser pheromones all the time. They are detected as a smell by other ants, and signal when food is found. This lets the other ants know that they can return home to eat. This is an immediate form of communication amongst ants. In humans, pheromones work in a similar way but for different reasons.

Primer pheromones take longer to get a response. However, despite their lag, they are very influential. They can influence the development of the reproduction physiology, including menstrual cycles in females, puberty, and the success or failure of a pregnancy. They can also dramatically alter hormone levels. There was a study done in which scientists found that when a pregnant female is exposed to primer pheromones from another male, she could spontaneously abort the fetus.

Signaler pheromones provide information. For example, they might help a mother to recognize her baby by his scent, which is something that fathers usually cannot do.  Signaler pheromones emit out genetic odor print.

Modulator pheromones can alter and synchronize bodily functions and are usually found in sweat. Have you ever spent a lot of time with your best friend, and then you both got your periods at the same time the next month? That happened because modulator pheromones have affected your monthly cycle. These pheromones can synchronize your menstrual cycle with someone who is close to you.

How our pheromones can affect other people

pheromonesPeople around us can be affected by our pheromones without even knowing it. If someone likes your natural scent, they will be drawn to you, and initially they probably won't know why. When people think about why they like someone, usually they will toss it up to good looks or a nice conversation. Those are two things that can definitely heighten your liking for someone, but let's backtrack a second. Why did you begin the nice conversation? Why did you get close enough to see those nice eyes? Pheromones are the answer. If you are naturally drawn to someone because you like their odor, then everything else follows suit.

Usually, people will respond positively to your pheromones. People will be drawn to you, will respect you, and will want to talk to you. People might even just want to be around you--they might crave your presence.

Sometimes, however, your pheromones might not mix well with someone else's. You might be turned off to them, or vice versa. But, this doesn't usually end in an altercation. If you don't like someone's pheromones, you just won't naturally pursue them. They won't stand out in a room. They will be completely overpowered by the people in the room who you are naturally drawn to.

In some cases, the body doesn't produce enough pheromones. Usually, this happens with age. When you're in your 20s and 30s, your body is still producing lots of chemicals and your hormone levels can change like crazy. As you get older, things in your body become more stagnant, including pheromones. This could be negatively affecting your life without you even knowing it. People might not respond to you like they would if you produced the average amount of pheromones.

Luckily, there are products you can use to add more pheromones to the ones your body already emits. You can enhance what you already have, and gain the attention of those around you in a subtle way.

Adding pheromones to your life will improve it dramatically. It's like having instant confidence. You will turn heads by doing nothing at all - by just being yourself. You'll light up a room when you enter it. People will notice your presence instantly and will be drawn to you. So much positive energy and attention from people will boost your confidence and heighten your spirits.

Aside from giving you confidence, pheromones will, of course, positively affect your love life. Whether you are seeking a relationship, or want to strengthen the one you already have, pheromones will do the trick. You'll notice the change almost immediately, inside and outside the bedroom.

Pheromones will also positively affect your reputation in your workplace. A first impression never happens twice, and pheromones can definitely aid in making a great first impression. In the professional world, when meeting a client or fellow associate for the first time, the first four seconds of the interaction are key to making a lasting impression. Pheromones provide you with the power to improve how others perceive you. You can enhance your image, and maximize the openness of employees and clients. You can boost their energy and enthusiasm.

Pheromone molecules are released from your skin 24 hours a day. Your body produces them naturally. But, imagine if you could add to your own pheromones, to make them more powerful. You could have a positive outlook every day, and could feel like you're in control of how the people around you react to you. And in a way, you will be, because people will be responding to your upbeat nature and body language.

Are you curious to know what products you can use to add pheromones do your daily life?

TRUE Pheromones

A product called True Pheromones can work wonders for you. The brand offers specific products that are designed just for men and specific products designed just for women. There are individual products for every situation, like going on a date, needing a confidence boost, or going to work. These products will increase confidence levels, decrease social anxiety, and provide you with more overall happiness.

When using these products, you will see how the people around you change. People will talk to you more, make eye contact with you more often, and express more friendliness than usual. Their body language will change, and they will want to be around you more than normal. This is just something that naturally happens when you give out strong pheromones, and they remain in the air.

True Pheromones has a very wide variety of products for all different occasions. Some are specially made for flirting and for relationships, while others are made for first impressions and for personal confidence. When mixed with the pheromones that you naturally emit, these products will work wonders for you.

Several of the most popular products from True Pheromones

pheromone1. TRUE Charisma
With this product, you don't need to change a single thing about yourself to get people to enjoy your presence. You will give off an impression of confidence and comfort. This product is made specifically for men, and will make women feel protected and safe. This product creates powerful emotions of charisma and openness.

2. TRUE Communication
This product is made specifically for men, and it encourages the women around them to be open and trusting. If you feel nervous about talking to women, and you feel as if they are holding back, then this product is for you. TRUE Communication will help you feel more comfortable while communicating with the opposite sex.

3. TRUE Instinct
This product can turn you into the man that every woman wants you to be. Women will feel drawn to you, and will crave your attention and affection. This product will generate more physical attraction for you than you have ever experienced before.

4. TRUE Trust
This product is designed to use in any environment, and will develop a universal trust-enhancing effect on those around you. You can use it at the office to build relationships with your co-workers, or use it when you go out to the bar to create a relationship with someone new. Either way, TRUE Trust is very effective and will leave you with the results you want. It's very versatile and will inspire feelings of trust in people you encounter anywhere you go.

5. TRUE Radiance
This product makes you stand out from the crowd in the exact way you want to. Whether you want to stand out as a hard worker at the office, a great friend, or a devoted significant other, this product will help you do just that. This product is not instant sex appeal, it's instant overall appeal.

6.TRUE Love
This product is a literal relationship builder for men. This is not to use if you just want to have one-night stands. When you wear this, it signals to women that you are a safe protector and someone who is meant for the long term. You will become the ultimate partner when you wear this product. Your relationship will definitely improve!

7. TRUE Opener
True Opener, aka the Ice Breaker, is a product that contains the pheromone androstenol. Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to break the ice with someone new, so this product basically does it for you! You don't have to come up with pick-up lines when using this product. TRUE Opener creates a communication enhancement in men and women. It makes you more approachable. And, it's not just for dating! Wear it to the office, out with your friends, or to a party! It will have great effects wherever you go. It was made solely for communication without having to deal with the pressure of having sex. We want men to feel comfortable around women, and to be able to impress women without feeling nervous and jittery. Keep in mind that you could use this product on a date, or you could use this when making a first impression at the office. It's very versatile.

8. TRUE Alpha
This product is proven to elicit both social response and sexual excitement in women. This product is focused on very powerful sexual appeal. If you wear this, you will instantly come off as the alpha male that women crave, and other men respect. Your dominance will be asserted without you having to say anything. Your masculinity and power, especially in social situations, will be respected. Women around you will experience elevated moods, and will feel comfortable and connected with you. Conversations will be easy and natural. You'll be the most attractive man in the room without changing a single thing about yourself.

The products that you can buy from True Pheromones feature the most popular types of pheromones. Alpha androstenol and beta androstenol are unisex pheromones that inspire feelings of comfort and connection. Androstenone is a pheromone that is usually common in males, but can also be common in females. It is meant for boosting one's self-confidence. Estratetraenol is a pheromone specifically for women that increases attentiveness. The chemicals will have an immediate effect on those around you, and they will also psychologically give you the boost you need to feel great about yourself.

The products from True Pheromones have had great reactions from customers. If you are curious to see detailed reviews from customers, you can check out the website and see for yourself the success that many people are having. 

TRUE Love seems to be a really popular product amongst the majority of customers. A customer wanted to know if this product really does produce the "crush effect" on women, so he decided to test it for himself. After using it, he states, "I was curious about the effectiveness of this product, and decided to investigate...and discovered that it comes eerily close." He discussed his personal interactions with women and how they gave him "lovey dovey" eyes only minutes after meeting them. "I was still fairly fresh to the pheromone world. I was so determined to make it happen that I went out and researched every possible product, combo, and single molecule/pheromone I could find," says the customer. TRUE Love was the only product that really worked for him.

How these products can affect men and women

pheromones productsThese pheromone products are made specifically with men and women in mind. There are significant differences between the products, because men and women experience very different results from pheromones. The hormones that men and women produce are very different, so both genders will have different experiences with pheromones.

When using pheromones, men feel very powerful and receive a lot of attention. Usually, women are hesitant to approach men in a public place like a restaurant or a bar, but this factor changes when men use pheromones. Hormones are very powerful substances and can really create an open vibe between genders.

Women feel very open when using pheromones. Sometimes it's hard for women to open up and to feel comfortable meeting people for the first time, whether it's on a first date or at the workplace. The pheromone products that are made for women are intended to make those around women feel comfortable and attracted to them.

Something that both genders feel when using pheromones is confidence. There is no doubt about it--using these products will instantly give you an aura of confidence. You'll feel better about yourself both mentally and physically. You'll know that people are drawn to you, and you'll be able to handle the attention that you're anticipating. There's nothing better than a confidence boost. You might not even realize how much confidence you were lacking before you try these products.

Aside from the obvious physical reactions that men and women elicit when using pheromones, there are other reactions that aren't as obvious. Both genders experience physiological and neurological reactions.

An increase in physiological arousal in pheromone studies is successfully measured by an increase in skin conductance and a decrease in skin temperature. There have been many studied that depict a huge increase in arousal patterns in women. Perception of arousal in genders is actually very similar--usually both men and women experience heightened arousal during pheromone use.

Simply sniffing certain pheromones increases the level of the hormone cortisol in women, as detected in saliva. Cortisol is normally released when a person experiences an adrenaline rush, and affects serotonin levels in the brain. This would have an effect on mood, and increases sexual and physiological arousal.

Functional brain imaging studies show how exactly the brain is activated when a person is processing pheromones. In contrast to the stimulation of common odors, pheromones are detected in narrowly tuned receptors and activate sexual responses in the brain. Hypothalamic activation is typical for ordinary odors, but it is heightened when pheromones are sensed. The difference between men and women's activation is congruent with theories on sexually dimorphic areas, involved with sex.

All the regions that are effected by pheromones in the brain are located in the hypothalamus, a structure highly involved in physiological arousal controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This area of the brain also regulates hormones. The hypothalamus has many sexually dimorphic regions, but differ in size for both men and women. For example, the preoptic nucleus (activated in women) is twice as large in men.

Long-term effects

You might be wondering about the long-term effects of pheromones products. There is nothing negative to worry about - the effects are all positive!

Your personal health can soar when you add pheromones to your daily life. Pheromones give you confidence, therefore expanding your positive energy and benefitting your mood. These aspects are a huge part of personal health. Many people suffer from depression, or just have a variety of negative thoughts throughout the day. Pheromones are not a cure, but they can dramatically help people feel happier and have a more positive outlook on life.

Pheromones directly affect how other people treat you, which in turn affects how you treat yourself. It's hard to feel good about yourself all the time, so it's normal to turn to other for a confidence boost here and there. We expect those who are close to us to make us feel better, but pheromones will make complete strangers make you feel good about yourself. People from all areas in your life will approach you in a positive way--at work, at school, and at public places. Don't underestimate the power of confidence!

Your love life will also benefit from using pheromones. Whether you are looking for a new relationship or are building on one you already have, pheromones will only cause positive things to happen.

Some TRUE Pheromones products will specifically help you build trust with your partner, and communicate on a healthy level. They will help you communicate openly, and feel more comfortable around one another. You'll also be flirtier when using pheromones. You and your partner can have a lot of fun trying out the different products and seeing how you both react, and which ones you like the most. When your love life gets better, you feel better! If your relationship has hit a rough patch and you're not sure how to spice things up again, look no further. Or, if you're at the beginning of a relationship and you want to have a little fun, these products will help you do just that.

Here are a few types of pheromones that you should look for, and are present in TRUE Pheromones products.

Androstenone is a pheromone present in male and female sweat. Its aroma serves a crucial biological purpose. In males, this pheromone emits signals of alpha-male like characteristics. Male leader personalities have been found to produce more Androstenone than other male personality types. Certain women are more susceptible to the smell of Androstenone than others. Although this pheromone is found in both males and females, it is predominantly thought of as a male pheromone because of the aggressive, intimidating aura it creates.

Androstenol is a natural odor that everyone has, but it is masked so often because of deodorants, perfumes, and colognes. However, when emitted and smelled, people admit they are very attracted to it. It optimizes natural sexual attraction because, well, it's natural. Androstenol has two types--3-alpha and 3-beta. While these pheromones do have similarities, they are both different and have different effects on humans.

Alpha Androstenol enhances conversations by making thoughts flow fluidly. It can increase your verbal skills and can help you become social, open, happy, and confident. Also, this pheromone is sometimes used as a buffer along with more aggressive pheromones, to make them less strong.

Beta Androstenol has strong effects. The person who smells it usually feels a deep connection to the wearer right away. This pheromone gets people to trust you and to open up about things that they normally hide from other people. It can open the door to developing strong connections and bonds between both men and women. This pheromone can definitely improve your relationship with your significant other. If you have been feeling distant from each other, and don't know why, this product can change that. Beta Androstenol can help create a natural bond between you and your significant other.

Although these pheromones have different effects, they can be paired together to create a great combination. There are products you can buy which feature both of these pheromones separately, or together, but the combination of both Alpha and Beta Androstenol is perfect for many situations. 

Androstadienone is naturally found in men's sweat, and has profound effects on the emotions and behaviors of both men and women. This pheromone is found in a lot of common hygiene products, like body washes and soaps. Women who use products with androstadienone have reported effects like elevated mood and stress relief. Men who use androstadienone products find that it gives them confidence and helps them talk to women. This is why androstadienone is known as the "love pheromone" by many of its users. If you are looking to build and improve a current relationship, or find a new one, this pheromone can help you do that.

TRUE Pheromones is the best brand of pheromones products out there. This brand uses natural hormones in their products, so you don't have to worry about weird chemicals and awful side effects. The products created by TRUE Pheromones are intended to naturally enhance your life, and do just that. Plus, you have a wide variety of products to choose from, with detailed descriptions, each with their own purpose. There is also a live chat option on the website, so when you go online to shop their products, you can ask a live employee any questions that you may have.

It's really easy to find the product you are looking for on the TRUE Pheromones website. You can search a specific pheromone, and all the products with that pheromone as an ingredient will show up for you to browse through. There are products with several pheromones mixed in, and there are also products with only one type of pheromone in them

If you don't want to buy a product right away and would like to test out the results first, you can get free samples of any TRUE Pheromones product. It's just 99 cents for the shipping fee. You can literally try any product you want and see the amazing results for yourself!

There is also never a bad time to try using pheromones. You don't have to be young, and you don't have to be old. No matter what age you are, pheromones will benefit your life and you will see the results that you want. TRUE Pheromones will be perfect for you, because not only can you try a free sample, but you can buy products specifically for your own personal needs. You can't go wrong.

Don't wait! Try TRUE Pheromones now.

Still hesitant about trying pheromones? Don't be. There is nothing to lose! Positive things will happen to you, and you'll feel a significant confidence boost. You won't regret trying these great products!