TRUE Love - MEO-EST Oil Based Pheromone For Men

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MSRP: $79.95
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About the product

TRUELove is the first MEO-EST pheromone mix—the absolute first product on the market formulated as a true “relationship builder.”

This is NOT a product for men looking for one-night stands. TRUELove contains estrogen-derived pheromones that signal to women that you are a safe protector, someone who is meant as a long-term natural mate and not just a “sleep with and throw away” guy for a one-night stand.

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For When It’s Not Just About Sex.

And You Want A Relationship.


This formula was the result of demand. Many of our users told us that they’ve had success getting laid—both by women that they knew and women that they met that exact same day. But, just as you might be wondering, they wanted to know “what happens next?”


When it’s time to start a committed long term relationship, TRUELove shows her that you are the man to be with.


The Picture Perfect Emotional Image For The Long-Term.


The four pheromone combination in TRUELove oil is designed to tell her that you are a “keeper,” more than just a “fuck and throwaway boy,” someone she can take “home” and introduce to her social circle.


It’s O.K. if you’re not ready to start a relationship. But if you’re just looking for fast hookups, you should check out one of our products with higher concentrations of sex-inducing pheromones.



Active Ingredients: Methoxyestratraenone, Androstenol, Androstadienone & Estratetraenol

Total Pheromone Content: 10,500 mcg (37.5 mcg/drop)

Effective Dosage: 52-250 mcg

Duration of Effect: 8-10 hours

Total Volume: 10ml

Scent: Unscented

100% Money Back Guarantee

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