TRUE Alpha - Ultimate Oil Based Trust & Respect Pheromones For Men

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About the product

Get the ultimate combination of effective pheromones proven to elicit social response and sexual excitement in women. With TRUEAlpha Ultimate Men’s Pheromone oil, we’ve removed all of the filler pheromones that other products contain (usually you see 6,8,10, or 12 different pheromones in a product) and focused on the four most powerful sexual appeal enhancing varieties in the correct combination.



Don’t Be Fooled By Fakes – It’s Not The Volume Or Variety Of Pheromones, It’s The Combination That Counts


Let’s talk briefly about what TRUEAlpha does…


  • Instantly come off as the Alpha Male that women crave and other men respect…

  • Assert your dominance, masculinity and power (especially in social situations)…

  • Become more approachable and instantly likeable. Create conversations that make women feel like you are already in their social circle…

  • Elevate her mood immediately and make her feel comfortable, connected, and communicative without even taking any action


Don’t be fooled by pretenders. These research-based results are only created through proper combination, testing, and precise formulation. Other products may contain MORE pheromones, but these imitators are often packed with substances that create signals which work against each other. TRUEAlpha contains 4 highly potent pheromones that work in unison.


Tap In To The Addictive Sense Of Trust That Women Subconsciously Crave.


You’ll be the most attractive man in the room without changing a single thing about yourself. All you need is TRUEAlpha Ultimate Men’s Pheromone Oil.


This unique combination elicits a specific emotional response, elevating a woman’s mood and making her trust you, feel protected by your presence, and completely open for sexual communication.


Don’t believe it’s possible? Give it a try 100% risk-free.


The best way to see if it works is to try it yourself with our 100% money back guarantee.


Active Ingredients: Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstadienone, & Androsterone

Total Pheromone Content: 13,334 mcg (47.6 mcg per drop)

Effective Dosage: 47.6 – 238 mcg

Duration of Effect: 8-10 hours

Total Volume: 10ml

Scent: Unscented

100% Money Back Guarantee

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