TRUE Communication - Pheromones For Men To Get People To Open Up To You

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MSRP: $49.95
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About the product

Is your ability to communicate with women holding you back? An easy way to tell is if it always feels like she wants you to be a “mind reader.” There’s a clear reason for this…

Research proves that you can measure the success of a relationship (on just about every level) based on how well men communicate and how easily the women they are with understand them. Sometimes, however, you still find it hard to communicate effectively with the woman of your dreams.


She Will Always Do The Talking. Guaranteed.


What’s the easiest way around communicating with women? Let them do the talking.


TRUE Communication is the key to clear conversation that she always starts. She opens up, tells you everything, and instantly trusts you like she’s known you for years. The advantage to you is that you no longer have to worry about hidden signals, mixed messages, or things that women expect you to “just know.” You don’t have to be a mind reader any more.


Only Use This Product If You Want Them To Text You Constantly


TRUE Communication is seriously powerful. You should not use TRUE Communication unless you’re ready to have your dates call, text, and message you constantly.


We’ve had several cases of users ordering TRUE Communication to engage in one-night stands. It helped, but only for people that wanted true long term connections. When you’re around women and you are using TRUE Communication, they will want to talk to you and keep talking.


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Active Ingredients: Androstadienone, & Androsterone

Total Pheromone Content: 6,000 mcg (30 mcg per 1 spray)

Effective Dosage: 30-90+ mcg

Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours

Total Volume: 1.0 oz

Scent: Scented AXE Pheonix or AXE Kilo

100% Money Back Guarantee


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