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Pheromone Effects on Men and Women: Not the Same

PheromonesThe study of pheromones in recent decades has turned the field of interpersonal psychology on its head. Psychology is a relatively young field. While astronomers have studied the cosmos since the dawn of civilization, and medicine has been practiced for centuries, psychology was really only invented in the early 1900s by William James, an American.

In the past, psychologists relied on the psychoanalytical insights of Sigmund Freud, or the behavioral models of B.F. Skinner. More recently, scientists have begun to understand and that there is more to human behavior than can be observed and described with just the five senses.

Under investigation is something called the vomeronasal organ, or VNO. In animals like dogs, the VNO receives pheromone chemical signals carried in the air. Scientists cannot agree on whether the organ exists in human beings.

Whether we have vomeronasal organs or not, we do indeed communicate with pheromones we excrete. Even more interesting are the ways in which men and women differ when it comes to pheromone signals.

Women, when provided with pheromone-containing sweat samples from related and unrelated males, displayed a distinct preference for the odor of the unrelated ones. In fact, they found the odor of related males unpleasant. Studies of men and pheromones have found that when applied before work, they help the man who wears them garner trust and respect from his colleagues.

It might be awhile before scientists repeat these studies with both sexes involved but, until then, we know that men and women receive and transmit powerful pheromone information in different ways and for different reasons. In women, pheromones relate to bonding, sexual attraction, and mate selection. In men, we see effects on perceived powerfulness, as well as sexual attraction.

Because research remains to be done to pin down the exact ways pheromones function in men and women, each person who wants to try them is best advised to try several.

Options for interested men include formulations that increase sexual attractiveness to women, and increase "alpha male" status at home and at work. For women, pheromones that suggest availability and sexiness are a must for those in the dating scene. Others that help enhance deep communications are also available.

Though different pheromones are available to help both sexes achieve their personal and professional goals, all pheromones have one thing in common. Namely, they help people improve their love lives, social lives, and professional success.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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