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Don’t Pay A Penny Unless True Pheromones Turn You Into The Person You Need To Be

  • Attract Men Or Women*
  • Have More Sex*
  • Find Someone Just For The Night*
  • Re-Ignite Lost Passion*
  • Close More Business Deals*
  • Achieve First Date Success*

  • Make Yourself The “Alpha Male”*
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  • Generate More Attention*
  • You Control Emotional Response!*

This isn’t some wide-eyed theory: Pheromones work in the most important social situations we find ourselves in. And more than our own case studies prove it…

  • Androstenol in the right Alpha and Beta formulation makes you naturally approachable…
  • When used correctly and applied in any situation, Androsterone helps women feel naturally protected by your presence…
  • Men emitting high concentrations of Androstenone are seen in nature as the alpha male, dominant, respected, and irresistible…
  • Androstadienone enhances social openness in women, creating conversations with women that start naturally…
  • Copulin Pheromones, released when women are ovulating, enhance sexual appeal and pheromone power in both genders…
  • The female pheromone Oxytocin, normally released after childbirth creates an instant, lasting bond between people emotionally and psychologically…
  • Estratetraenol encourages deeper communication in men, opening them up and allowing true emotional expression…
  • Peer reviewed research demonstrates that women wearing Methoxyestratetraenone generate up to 4 times more attention from men…


It’s easy to match our potent pheromones to create the social, emotional, or sexual response that you need in any situation. There’s a pheromone for every purpose—at work or at play, out with friends or on a date—TRUE Pheromones has developed the world’s first pheromone system designed to be mixed and matched for custom application, custom potency, and specific results.

Trust TRUE Pheromones To Get The Specific Result You’re Looking For

pheromonePerfume with Pheromones are effective for BOTH sexes—men and women—in any social situation. The problem is finding and isolating the pheromone combination that creates the specific reaction you’re looking for.

Men going out on a second date and looking to “seal the deal” want to send social signals that are completely different than a woman trying to close a high level business transaction at in the office boardroom

When searching for a pheromone solution you have to understand…

  • Specific stimuli create specific emotional, psychological and sexual responses…
  • One-size-fits-all pheromones (the kind that mix everything into a single bottle) don’t work…
  • Pheromone “overdose” or overload is actually possible and frequent in pheromone users…
  • And you can actually match the reaction you create within humans to fit your specific needs

We can talk about the science behind why pheromones work all day, but unless you understand the purpose of different pheromone solutions and formulations, you’re essentially trying to perform complicated brain surgery with the wrong tools.

There’s a reason why pheromones only work some of the time and for some people and not others. It’s because there are very few universal solutions in the pheromone world and, in the wrong combination, pheromones can actually cause negative reactions that result from an overloaded emotional response.

If There’s One Scientific Fact That Most Pheromone
Users Miss, It’s This…


You can’t throw 12 different pheromones in a bottle in a random combination and call it a sexual arousal tool.

It was only in the last few decades that researchers discovered exactly how powerful responses to pheromones were in humans and, until recently, it was nearly impossible to break down the specific purpose of each of the pheromones that humans release into the environment.

We’ve heard from thousands of customers who have tried other one-size-fits-all products…

  • Men who attempted to use formulations high in Androstenone (the alpha male pheromone) on a first date, only to find that their date was turned off by high levels of sexual aggression…
  • Women looking for an out of town “fling” who couldn’t understand why he kept sending texts weeks after she hit him with a high dose of Estratetraenol...
  • Countless cases of people using the wrong pheromone combinations in public to try to “pick up” the opposite sex…
  • And plenty of people who didn’t understand that in the wrong combination, pheromones can actually cancel each other out and create ineffective or negative responses.

It’s clear that not every pheromone manufacturer provides you with the knowledge and specific tools you need for every social situation you find yourself in.


That’s Why We Created The Complete TRUE Pheromone System


Pheromones Designed Specifically For Men:

  • Break the ice on a first date with TRUEOpener and finally get rid of the pickup lines that don’t work and conversation starters that no one is interested in.
  • Gain natural lasting trust with Oxytocin using TRUETrust, an everyday formulation that works for business and pleasure.
  • Generate the ultimate in sex appeal with TRUEAlpha Body Spray or TRUEAlpha Pheromone Oil, a time-tested combination that turns you into the man every woman wants and every guy wants to be.
  • Use TRUEEssence to multiply the effect of pheromones your body naturally releases and the pheromones you’ve applied.
  • When you want to attract “bad girls” who love “bad boys” rely on TRUEJerk to turn yourself into the ultimate Alpha Male.
  • Take the everyday approach and be ready for any social situation with TRUERadiance, a formula designed to open doors for you at work and in everyday situations.
  • Find TRUEChrisma and feel the results of a two shot boost of confidence that makes women feel irresistibly protected, safe, and comforted by your presence.
  • When you’ve found “the one,” use TRUELove to become her “knight in shining armor”—the fairy tale dream of the perfect man she’s always wanted to be with.

Pheromones Designed Specifically For Women:

  • Build trust with those around you anywhere, anytime with the TRUETrust daily pheromone combination already in use by hundreds of business professionals.
  • Feel sexy immediately and be sexy without changing anything about yourself using the emotional power of TRUESexiness, the best-selling pheromone combination for sexual attraction and attention.
  • Get him to open up, talk first, and communicate his true emotions with TRUEOpener, the pheromone combination used by more women on first and second dates than any other.
  • When you’re ready to settle down for the long term with the picture perfect man, use TRUELove to keep him coming back to you, craving your comfort, protection, and conversation.
  • Enhance the effect of your own natural pheromones or the ones you are wearing with the 100% Copulin Pheromones in TRUEEssence that are proven to heat up any situation.
  • Find out what TRUECommunication means with a unique combination of Copulins and Estratetraenol that instantly stimulates male testosterone production, increasing his desire to open up, talk, and create a lasting emotional bond.

Get The Complete Collection Of TRUE Pheromones For Less Than $1 Per Day!

For less than the cost of the cup of coffee you drink every morning once you get to work, you could have a complete pheromone collection suitable for any situation…

When you order today, you get exclusive access to the complete collection of TRUE Pheromones for just $249 for men and $149 for women that’s over 60% off the individual order price and less than $1 per day for an entire year supply!

Here’s what usually happens…

Our customers order TRUE Pheromones to try them out—either at work or for play. Most of the time, it’s for a first date.

TRUEOpener, one of our most popular first date pheromone combinations, ends up doing its job—opening up communication, getting your date to express them self, and setting the stage for things to heat up.

The next night, it’s time for date two. This is where things are really going to heat up. But, instead of sex, TRUEOpener keeps you awake, talking about it for hours, analyzing every detail of your relationship instead of diving into the steamy passion that you both naturally want but can’t seem to communicate to each other.

At this point, most of our customers know that they need something else to get things started…maybe TRUESexiness for women or TRUEAlpha for men. But instead of having what you need, in the moment, you have to wait for a new order to arrive.

Repeat this enough times, with enough social situations, and you end up paying us WAY MORE than you need to go get the results that you need.

Never Be Unprepared For An Uncomfortable Social Situation Again! Get The Complete Collection Today Risk-FREE!

With the complete TRUE Pheromone collection, you’re always prepared.

Any date, any situation, at work, at home, or when you’re out for the night, our mix-and-match collection of pheromones that will help you thrive in any environment.

Again, when you order today, you get a 60% discount and a one year supply for well under $1 per day


Pheromones For Sale

100% Money Back Try
TRUE Pheromones For 365 Full Days Risk-Free

Putting yourself into new social situations is already risky enough—we know that you need all the confidence you can get. That’s why you’re covered by our 100% money back promise that’s good for one FULL year.

When you order today, we take all of the risk. If you try ANY of our pheromone combinations and they don’t meet y our expectations, we will give you all of your money back—no questions asked.

We’re confident that our exclusive formulations will work exactly as advertised. In fact, very few of our customers ask for a refund, and when they do, it’s often because our pheromones are TOO POWERFUL for them to handle.

Learn Why 1,000s Of Satisfied Customers Trust
TRUE Pheromones In Every Social Situation…

“A little skeptical at first, then invaded at my work place by very young people, mostly female, but male also, relentlessly popping their heads around my office door to say hello, to say how much they miss me when I'm not there, or "It seems like ages since we last saw each other, yet it was just two days ago". They miss you, they visit you 3 times a day, they grab a pen for the whiteboard and scribble, "we love you", along with the cartoon hearts, kisses and all."*

This stuff is not rational and really takes you by surprise. Not sexual, not sensual, just irritatingly attractive!”*

“I've been wearing your pheromones for several years now and I really notice a difference in the way people react to me. I'm a woman and I always order the whole set for women. I get really positive reactions from men, but I also like that women seem to be just friendly, but not see me as a threat. I just feel more confident when I'm wearing them and usually don't leave the house without them, part of my shower and get ready routine. : )”*

“I've been using this product for about 2 years now and can't imagine being without it. I've used it successfully on many dates (two or three drops around the neck) and it works like a charm every time. The response I get in social settings with it is very different than not having it. Overall it is well worth the purchase. *

PS for those of you looking to try this the first time, add the copulins for effectiveness but wear a light cologne over. Copulins have a strange distinct smell, but will definitely enhance the experience.”*

How Pheromones Work

90% of all communication is non-verbal. Your actions, body language, energy, humor, honesty, openness, and perhaps most importantly the chemical signals your body sends to other people control the reactions you get in social situations.

When it comes to dating, relationships, or even just building trust with co-workers, your actions (physical and chemical) always speak louder than words.

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in all animals, humans included. They are secreted in sweat and body fluids. Before complex spoken language, pre-historic humans used pheromones to communicate—similar to the way animals still send out pheromone signals to send messages to other animals.

Our bodies still create pheromones, releasing them into the environment and altering the perception of people around us.

Recent research has demonstrated that application of these common chemicals in social environments, with careful combination and dosage, can create specific psychological and emotional responses.

Often times, pheromones help people overcome social anxiety, increase attractiveness, confidence, communication ability, and more—all with just a simple application of a TRUE Pheromones oil or spray.

Unlike other pheromone manufacturers, we’ve developed a mix-and-match system of pheromone application designed to influence specific social outcomes. Our designer formulations are capable of enhancing trust, creating openness, influencing sexual attraction, and more.

Perform Your Own Testing And Tell Us About The Results!

Take a quick look through our website and find the pheromone combination right for you or click “order now” below to purchase the complete TOTAL Pheromone collection.

Remember, you’re protected by a 100% money back promise! You have a full 365 days to conduct your own personal pheromone test. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll send your money back.


Pheromones For Sale

100% Money Back Try
TRUE Pheromones For 365 Full Days Risk-Free