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Men, Stop Being Single By Avoiding These Four Dating Mistakes!

Are you feeling unlucky in love? Have you been single for longer than you'd like? Do your first dates rarely turn into second dates? It's time to stop being single! Consider the following dating blunders that many men make without even realizing it: Having no plan. Women like a man with a [...]

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Pheromone Research: Going Back to the Source

With all of the myths about pheromone research, sometimes it is best to go back to the source. What does the originator of pheromone research, Dr. Martha McClintock, PhD, think of today's claims? You may think that she automatically sides with the extremists saying pheromones are the answer to all of your [...]

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Stop Being Single: Four Fun First Date Ideas

Let's face it: many men don't score points for originality when it comes to first date ideas. While there's certainly nothing wrong with taking your date out to dinner and a movie, such choices will likely land you firmly in the predictable category. Unfortunately, most women don't find predictable [...]

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Pheromone Cologne Can Be Your Secret Weapon on a First Date

First dates are often both exciting and a little bit nerve-racking. To help ease those first date jitters, consider the following first date dos and don'ts: Do: Be mindful of your hygiene. While it's probably not necessary to wear a three-piece suit on a first date, it is important to look-- and smell!-- [...]

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Break Your Relationship Patterns with Pheromone Chemicals

Relationships come in different shapes and forms.  You might be looking for one type of relationship but maybe you always end up in a different type.  This happens to a lot of people.  They’re attracted to a certain type of person but that type doesn’t do it for them [...]

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Stop Being Single by Quitting the Dating Games

Quitting the dating game does not mean you should automatically stop going on dates – all it means is that you stop playing the stupid games that so many young people play while dating. The games are fun for some people but after a couple of years you get [...]

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Buy Pheromone Perfumes, Transform Yourself and Get What You Want

Consider this situation: a woman goes to a bar with a couple of friends.  She’s not feeling entirely comfortable.  Maybe she feels like she’s overweight or she’s having a bad hair day.  Maybe she just spent the entire day at work and her clothes feel wrinkled and sweaty.  Or [...]

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Why Attracting Women Has Never Been Easier

Are you recently single and hoping to get back into the dating game? Then you'll be happy to know that attracting women has never been easier. Feeling skeptical about that at the moment?  Then keep on reading to learn why it's easier than ever to get a woman in [...]

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First Date Blunders and How Pheromone Perfume Can Help

First dates are notoriously awkward. After all, you're meeting up with a virtual stranger, searching for common ground, and trying to decide if you're compatible as partners. With this in mind, many women get the first date jitters when preparing for the big day. If you want [...]

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How To Attract Men With Your Attitude

Being single is not a death sentence. You're a powerful woman, who needs to act like it to attract men. We'll let in you on a few secrets on how to attract men with your attitude.  Men love confidence, there isn't a thing more attractive to a man than a woman who in confident in [...]

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