How To Pick The Right Pheromone Oil For You

Posted by True Pheromones on 4th Jan 2023

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the abundance of pheromone oils in the market today? It can be difficult to know which one is right for you. From common yet powerful fresh pine and cedarwood, … read more

The Royal Pheromone of the Honeybee

Posted by True Pheromones on 20th Oct 2022

The honeybee is an insect that has captured the public's imagination for centuries. These fascinating creatures have a wide range of characteristics that make them unique among their fellow insects. O … read more

What are Nasonov Pheromones?

Posted by True Pheromones on 20th Oct 2022

Nasonov pheromones are chemicals secreted by worker bees that serve to attract other bees to the location of food or a new hive site. These pheromones are thought to be responsible for the "waggle dan … read more