TRUE Essence (100% Copulins) Pheromones For Women

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MSRP: $69.95
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About the product

When you ovulate, your body lets men know with pheromone signals that increase your attractiveness by up to 250%. TRUEEssence harnesses this power with Copulin pheromones.

It’s hard to put a figure on “attractiveness” but we did it anyway. TRUEEssence is proven to make women more naturally attractive to men without any other changes.

Additionally, when you use TRUEEssence with other pheromones (natural or applied) desired effects (improved communication, openness, sexual attractiveness) increase exponentially.


Amplify Your Body’s Natural Attraction Mechanism!


Humans are left with a pre-historic sexual attraction system still seen in animals that can’t communicate their sexual desires to each other. TRUEEssence taps into that animalistic emotional pathway to signal to men that you are ready to experience sexual advances.


If you’ve ever had trouble getting his attention, it’s time to elevate your own natural pheromones with the 100% pure Copulins found in TRUEEssence!


You Won’t Have To Spend The Night Alone.



The next time you see Mr. Right, you’re not going to worry about approaching him and, as long as you don’t want to, you won’t have to spend the night alone.


TRUEEssence will tap into his natural instinct to want you. He will listen, heed to your every call, and instantly meet your emotional and sexual expectations.


Be careful…TRUEEssence contains both a strong odor and a concentration of Copulins that can actually cause an emotional overdose in men.




Active Ingredients: 100% Copulins

Total Pheromone Content:11,000 mcg (183 mcg/drop)

Effective Dosage: 183-600 mcg

Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours

Total Volume: 3ml

Scented, Natural Copulin

100% Money Back Guarantee


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