TRUE Essence (100% Copulins) Pheromones For Men

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MSRP: $69.95
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About the product

Natural instincts rule the dating world and the research behind Copulin Pheromones proves it.

TRUEEssence contains 100% Copulin Pheromones that, when combined with other pheromones create powerful attraction amplifying signals that tell women to “have sex.”

If you want to tap into the reproductive animal instincts that drive women to desire and NEED you inside of them, TRUEEssence is the perfect supplement.


Amplify Natural Pheromone Signals To Make Women Need Sex.


Biology doesn’t lie.


During ovulation, when chances of successful reproduction are at the highest, women release Copulin pheromones that enhance the response of pheromone signals. We’ve put together this 100% pure Copulin liquid so that you can experience the passion of true desire.


When you combine TRUEEssence with our other pheromone products, you’ll see an immediate increase in excitement, response, and sexual desire.


Guaranteed To Make Her Want You When Combined With Other TRUE Pheromone Products.


Order TRUEEssence today alongside another one of our TRUE line of pheromone products and we guarantee that you’ll see a sexual response.


Copulin pheromones are uniquely powerful and can immediately trigger a woman’s natural desire to reproduce as soon as possible. If you don’t experience the benefits of this unique approach to sex and dating, we will give you 100% of your money back.


When you receive your order, be careful. Copulin pheromones are extremely powerful and it’s tempting to use too much. There is a risk of overdose which can create a negative emotional response. If you use too much, her emotions will be overloaded and unable to process the natural signals her body is sending.



Active Ingredients: 100% Pure Copulin Pheromones

Total Pheromone Content: 11,000 (183 mcg/drop)

Effective Dosage: 183-915mcg (risk of overdose)

Duration of Effect: 8-10 hours

Total Volume: 3ml/60 drops

Scent: Natural Copulin Scent ONLY

100% Money Back Guarantee

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