TRUE Alpha Body Spray - Ultimate All Around Trust & Respect Pheromones For Men

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Get the exact same pheromone formulation as our research-proven and time-tested TRUEAlpha Ultimate Men’s Pheromone Oil in an easy to apply body spray.

This complete combination of 4 potent pheromones contains everything you need to subconsciously encourage women to open up to you socially, emotionally, and sexually. PLUS, it is offered in popular AXE body spray scents.


Harness The Power Of Sexual Research Two Ways.

Get The Advantage Of Pheromones AND…


This exclusive formulation is designed to create four specific emotional responses:


  • First, you’ll have the key to communication that you don’t need to start. Women will feel instantly comfortable around you—almost like you’ve known each other forever.

  • Second, this formulation sends out “Alpha Male” signals to everyone around you. Women will want to be with you and men will want to be you.

  • Next, our exclusive mixture of pheromones encourages feelings of safety, security and comfort.

  • Finally, you’ll put women at ease and make them more comfortable than ever to either go home with you or invite you back to their place.


The most powerful response comes when the active ingredients combine. Listen to this explanation…


She’ll Feel Like You’re Already In Her “Social Circle”

And That Means…


Research has proven that women (and this was a study conducted with supermodels) are more likely to have close relationships and sex with men who are inside their social circle.


That’s people they feel immediately comfortable with, able to communicate with, and protected by…


Plenty of pheromones help you get women “horny,” but this is one of the very few that work in combination to create the ultimate desired effect—she will feel comfortable, ready to communicate, and emotionally eager.


Give it a try with our risk-free guarantee. If it doesn’t work? You get your money back.




Active Ingredients: Androstenone, Androstenol, Androstadienone & Androsterone

Total Pheromone Content: 28,000 (129.6 mcg per 1 second spray)

Effective Dosage: 238 mcg

Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours

Total Volume: 1.0 oz

Scent: Scented AXE Pheonix or AXE Kilo

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