How To Seduce Women With Pheromones

How To Seduce Women With Pheromones

27th Jan 2016

Seduce Women With PheromonesMany of you have probably read the hype online that tells you that women will turn into primal animals, giving into their baser instincts the instant they sense your pheromone level.

I have news for you. It doesn’t quite work that way.

Don’t get me wrong – pheromones do work. However, they don’t do all the work. They work in the background. They work on an unconscious level. Most of the time, women will have no idea why a level of subconscious attraction to you manifests itself. Honestly, women won’t even think about it. They’ll think about one thing – you. They will not think about the why. They don’t care about why they’re attracted to somebody. They care about who they’re attracted to.

Pheromones Work on an Unconscious Level

With that in mind, it’s important to realize that pheromones work on an unconscious level. They work in the background. They will not get women to fall instantly in love with you.

In other words, before you can seduce a woman with pheromones, you have to generate a level of attraction. Without that attraction, you’ll end up in the same spot you’re in now – alone. If you’re a jerk to women now, no amount of pheromones is going to change that.

The Conscious Stuff

This guide has everything to do with your ability to attract women. It doesn’t matter if you already know her or not.

In fact, you can be in the friend zone and this stuff will still work.

There are things you can do before you to start talking, and then there are things you can do afterward to keep the conversation going.

Let’s start there, shall we?

Let’s boost your attraction level.

What You Can Do about It

Seduce Women With PheromonesThere’s a lot you can do to make yourself more attractive to women. It doesn’t happen by chance. Attractive men go out of their way to be attractive – and they know it.

Men who know they’re attractive are naturally confident – which is something else that can boost your attraction levels. Women love men who are confident.

Here are seven things you can do – before you ever use pheromones – to instantly skyrocket how attractive you are to women.

Personal Hygiene

Clean yourself up. Take a shower and make sure you’re clean. Wear deodorant. Brush your teeth. Use mouthwash – it gets the things that brushing misses. Clip your fingernails and make sure that they’re clean. Put on clean clothes. Make sure your clothes fit you. Buy new clothes if you need to. Go out and get a haircut. I know this stuff seems basic, but many men neglect the basics. They don’t take care of themselves like they should. Take care of yourself to the point where you can look in the mirror and you know you look good.


Women love a good smile. In fact, a good, clean smile is contagious. Watch – when you smile at a woman, chances are they’ll smile right back. Make sure it’s a genuine smile. Your end goal may be to get her in bed, but it’s not going to work if she thinks your pervert just trying to look at her boobs. You can make your smile appear to be a whole lot more authentic by doing it slowly. Split-second smiles don’t feel genuine. They feel more like a polite courtesy. Furthermore, split-second smiles do not extrude confidence. Make eye contact. Let her know that you are looking at her – not her boobs.

Use Your Dog

Seduce Women With PheromonesThis one is easier said than done – I am well aware that you cannot just walk into a bar while you’re walking your dog. But, here’s how it works. Women are natural nurturers. As sexist as this may sound, women are not to men. Biologically speaking, women are equipped to be mothers – a nurturing role in any species. When she sees that you have a healthy relationship with a dog that nurturing tendency takes over. You are far more likely to get a woman’s phone number while you’re walking your dog then you are of your alone. If you don’t have a dog, go get one at a no-kill shelter like the Humane Society. It’s work, and dogs may be expensive. But if your goal is to attract a woman, then no amount of money can buy that. Statistics say that women are three times more likely to give you their phone number while you’re walking your dog than if you weren’t walking your dog. After all, how can you walk a dog if you don’t have one?

Stand up Straight

One of the qualities of confidence is self-respect. Men who extrude self-respect are seen as confident. Oh yeah – they also stand up straight. Practice good posture. Men who are slouching with a curved back and looking down at the ground are not attractive. This is basic body language 101. If you need help, pay attention to your chin. When you’re trying to talk to a woman or trying to get a woman to look at you, keep your chin up. You’ll find that you will naturally stand up straighter.

Give Yourself a 5 O’clock Shadow

There’s something about a 5 o’clock shadow that drives women nuts. A 5 o’clock shadow is a name for what you have when you don’t shave for 10 days. You end up with stubble. For many men, this is an easy one – we don’t like shaving to begin with. It can be expensive with all those razors, shaving cream and everything else to maintain a clean-shaven face. Well, I got news for you. This is giving you full permission to stop shaving for over a week straight. Once you reach that 10-day limit, go shave – no one likes an unkempt beard that is not maintained.

The Color Red

Seduce Women With PheromonesScientific studies tell us that women love the color red. Now, this may be diving into color theory, but it works. Certain colors can subconsciously induce certain feelings or thoughts. Just look at fast food logos and commercials. How often do you see the colors red and yellow in there? A lot. That’s because red and yellow induce a feeling of hunger.

Men who wear red clothing are more attractive to women. It subconsciously gets women to associate you with sex. Oh yeah – one more thing. Don’t go your closet and pick out your old, faded, worn-out red T-shirt. Go out and buy yourself a nice red button-down that fits well.

Don’t Go Alone

If you do this one right, you will look better simply by comparison. When you want to talk to a woman, bring a male friend – preferably one who is not as attractive as you. If you’ve followed every step up to this point, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll be more attractive than most of your friends. Just don’t tell your friend why he’s coming along.

As soon as you’re ready to make contact with a woman, you’re going to want to wear your pheromone spray. You’ll not only be attractive from the get go, but your pheromone spray will boost your attraction subconsciously, giving you the edge you need to get what you want.

Once You Get Her Talking to You

Honestly, that’s how you do it. That’s how you build up attraction to the point where women will want to talk to you. The last thing you want to do is appear to be a creeper. Creepers will get women to turn the other way faster than anything else.

Your goal is to come across as a normal, confident and attractive man. Does it take work? Of course it does. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Do these methods work? Again – absolutely.

Now, these methods are for when you have already gone through all the steps above. You want to look like you’re confident, right? Well, you need to go in there with a plan. You have to know what to do and when to do it.

Personality is key here. You have to be confident. If you can make a woman laugh, things will go so much smoother for you.

Confidence Is Critical

Seduce Women With PheromonesThe biggest problem men have when it comes to approaching women is confidence.

If you approach a woman and you haven’t showered, you don’t have good posture, you’re not wearing clean clothes, your hair is a mess or your beard looks like you don’t care about yourself, no amount of pheromones can help you.

Once you’ve fixed yourself up and you look like you care about yourself – I mean, genuinely care – your confidence level will go up. This is where pheromones can be your golden ticket.

Like I said the very beginning, pheromones will not do all the work for you. You may still get rejected. If that happens, then don’t sweat it. Some women are not worth chasing.

Take this example. I was on YouTube the other day and saw a video of a young woman who was drunk and acting stupid. Guess what? She was attractive.

In fact, she was so attractive that someone said in the comments that she had one helluva body. I also read the reply – something I couldn’t agree with more. The reply said that nothing will make a man more flaccid than a woman who is crazy. He ended his comments by cautioning never to stick your dick in crazy. This is so true.

It may take some practice for you to really extrude genuine confidence. Use your pheromones as an instant boost to help you come off as attractive. Pheromones do work. Women will pick up on it and it will help you. I guarantee it.