How The Androstadienone Pheromone Works In The Human Body

How The Androstadienone Pheromone Works In The Human Body

17th Mar 2016

pheromone AndrostadienoneThe pheromone Androstadienone is naturally found in men's sweat, and has profound effects on the emotions and behaviors of both men and women.

This pheromone is found in a lot of common hygiene products, like body washes and soaps. Women who use products with androstadienone have reported effects like elevated mood and stress relief. Men who use androstadienone products find that it gives them confidence and helps them talk to women. This is why androstadienone is known as the "love pheromone" by many of its users. If you are looking to build and improve a current relationship, or find a new one, this pheromone can help you do that.

You might be surprised to find out that your love life is being affected by more than just attraction. It's not always physical. Androstadienone creates the feeling of comfort and increases intimacy amongst couples.

During a study that was done during a speed-dating event, researchers found that androstadienone affects a women's judgment regarding male attractiveness. Women gave men higher rates when they were exposed to the pheromone. Therefore, researchers concluded that this pheromone can alter a woman's mood and preference of an attractive man. So, make sure you wear this pheromone the next time you go will definitely have some positive effects on your evening.

pheromone AndrostadienoneTRUE Pheromones make several different products with androstadienone as a main ingredient. You will love the results! Here are two of the most popular products.

TRUE Charisma will give you the confidence you have always wanted. This product is for men, and will make women approach you all the time. It will help you communicate so effortlessly with women that you will be surprised with yourself. Women love confident men, so if you wear this product, be prepared for women to want to be around you all the time!

TRUE Love is basically a relationship builder for men. This is not to use if you just want to have one-night stands. When you wear this, it signals to women that you are someone who is meant for the long term. You will become the ultimate partner when you wear this product. Your relationship will definitely improve!

As you can see, androstadienone is very powerful and can have many positive effects on your life. If you would like to incorporate it into your daily life, take advantage of these great products!