Testosterone Pheromones

Testosterone Pheromones

23rd Feb 2016

Pheromone AndrosteroneUsing distinct pheromones and having the ability to gauge their effects is the mark of a true pheromone enthusiast. Understandingtheir individual effects, you may be able to tweak and customize your ready made products for every situation or perhaps you may be interested in creating your own blends from scratch. Either way, having a breakdown of what effects each is known to have is useful. Let’s review androsterone (3-alpha) vs. androsterone (3-beta).

What is Androsterone?

Pheromone AndrosteroneAndrosterone is one of the androgens that are considered steroid hormones and are known to affect masculinization of the fetus and child as it creates or maintains masculine traits in adults. This may come as a surprise since testosterone is what’s typically known to be the most active and plentiful of the androgens. Originally, androsterone was extracted from male urine in very small amounts to be studied. There are scientists that consider it to be a metabolic byproduct of the breakdown of testosterone, and many science geeks that study pheromones think it might be active in human relations. So what does this all mean exactly?

Well, a molecule of androsterone is similar to testosterone. It's made up of three six-member carbon rings and one five-member ring combined along mutual sides. The actual molecular formula is C19 H30 O2 for those of you who actually care. It has a beta-isomer called epiandrosterone, where an hydroxyl group occupies a dissimilar geometric point. The ratio of androsterone to epiandrosterone is believed to be significant in the way masculine behavior is understood by others. Finally, something that explains male behavior!

How Do Androsterone Relate To Pheromones?

Pheromone Androsterone

  • Pheromones are are well-known in insect behavior. Their position in reproducing, navigation and protection of the nest has been thoroughly researched, and active compounds have been quarantined in order to define its functionality. It turns out that pheromones are the foundation of some insect baits. Their effect on behavioral mammal patterns is not understood as well.
  • You see, pheromones in mammals are spotted by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), an element of the olfactory senses. Since it is not linked to the nasal cavity, pheromones are not “smelled” the way we smell perfume. It turns out that the VNO detects the chemical messengers of the pheromones through nonvolatile means other than airborne transporters. However, the precise mechanism is also not understood. In fact, the very existence of the VNO in humans is highly debated.
  • There is research that suggests that the organ is existent in embryos and regresses and disappears in the growth of the fetus. Common knowledge might dispute this claim because many individuals react emotionally on a subconscious level to other people without any physical or apparent reason. Do not confuse this with a woman who is PMS’ing! The actual reaction types may include infant bonding, homosexual response or evenexotic feeling of “chemistry” between two people or even love. That’s some powerful stuff!

Androsterone vs. Androstenone vs. Androstenol

Pheromone Androsterone

  • Don’t confuse Androsterone with androstenone or androstenol, which are two common components of pheromone products that are commercially available. Androstenone was the very first pheromone to be extracted from mammals. Androstenone can be found in human sweat and urine and also in high concentrations of male pigs saliva. It is anelement of products sold to pig farmers to decide the timing of artificial insemination in sows. Androstenol can be found in the same places as androstenone and also in truffles, fungi that grow underground and that pigs do well in finding. Yum!
  • In products that contain pheromone,androsterone is added to single out masculinity and the sense of protection and reliability, something like what is generated by the “alpha male.” It is also supposed to create feelings of strength without aggression.
  • It has been said that androsterone elevates the mood and confidence of female wearers. If that’s true, this should be sold by the millions to women in business or even single women who have trouble landing a date. Now that’s a product to buy stock in!
  • The percentage of androsterone and epiandrosterone is thought to be significant in bodybuilding products. So of course, it’s being utilized more for a product that is probably used more by men than women.People who use it should be aware that these molecules are very difficult to distinguish between on a chemical level, which means thatcorrectanalyzes are hard to determine.

What is the difference between Androsterone (3-alpha) vs. Androsterone (3-beta)?

Pheromone Androsterone

  • Well, Androsterone by its lonesome is quite hostile and intimidating. In small amounts (1.25-2.5mcg) it providesdistinction and respect. Yet in greater amounts it generates discomfort and avoidance, and sometimes even fear.
  • The beta isomer can be quite moderating in its effect. It is very charismatic but can also be status-reducing. It’s rumored to be a favorite for Asian women who seem to love it. Random but a very interesting observation, wouldn’t you say? Things that make you go hmm.


Through research, some users have stated that androsterone can improve or boost the message that other pheromones in a product or pheromone mix are initiating in humans so depending on what effect you are looking to produce, having the breakdown of each is crucial in order to cultivate your product and develop your intended result.

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