Androstenone: What it is, and how it works.

Androstenone: What it is, and how it works.

16th Feb 2016

pheromonePheromones are chemicals that both humans and animals produce. These chemicals change the way that beings of the same species interact with one another. They are behavior-altering, and are secreted to trigger many different emotions, including sexual arousal, alarm, and intimidation. Pheromones, unlike the majority of other hormones, act outside the body of the individual that is secreting them. They impact the behavior of another individual.

Androstenone is a pheromone present in male and female sweat. Its aroma serves a crucial biological purpose. In males, this pheromone emits signals of alpha-male like characteristics. Male leader personalities have been found to produce more Androstenone than other male personality types. Certain women are more susceptible to the smell of Androstenone than others. Although this pheromone is found in both males and females, it is predominantly thought of as a male pheromone because of the aggressive, intimidating aura it creates.

Although humans create our own pheromones naturally, adding pheromone products to your daily life can be a great benefit. Based on many years of scientific research, there are products that can enhance your daily pheromone output, and will enhance your mood and improve your interpersonal relationships.

True PheromoneA product called True Pheromones can do this for you. The brand offers specific products that are designed just for men and specific products designed just for women. There are individual products for every situation, like going on a date, needing a confidence boost, or going to work. These products will increase confidence levels, decrease social anxiety, and provide you with more overall happiness.

When using these products, you will see how the people around you change. People will talk to you more, make eye contact with you more often, and express more friendliness than usual. Their body language will change, and they will want to be around you more than normal. This is just something that naturally happens when you give out strong pheromones, and they remain in the air.

Adding pheromone products that have androstenone in them can dramatically change your life. It will be like having instant confidence. You will feel great about yourself, and people will love being around you.

Here are a few True Pheromones products that contain the pheromone androstenone:

1. TRUE Charisma

With this product, you don't need to change a single thing about yourself to get people to enjoy your presence. You will give off an impression of confidence and comfort. This product is made specifically for men, and will make women feel protected and safe. This product creates powerful emotions of charisma and openness.

2. TRUE Communication

This product is made specifically for men, and it encourages the women around them to be open and trusting. If you feel nervous about talking to women, and you feel as if they are holding back, then this product is for you. TRUE Communication will help you feel more comfortable while communication with the opposite sex.

3. TRUE Instinct

This product can turn you into the man that every woman wants you to be. Women will feel strongly drawn to you, and will crave your attention and affection. This product will generate more physical attraction to you than you have ever experienced before.

4. TRUE Trust

This product is designed to use in any environment, and will develop a universal trust-enhancing effect on those around you. You can use it at the office to build relationships with your co-workers, or use it when you go out to the bar to create a relationship with someone new. Either way, TRUE Trust is very effective and will leave you with the results you want. It's very versatile and will inspire feelings of trust with people you encounter anywhere you go.

5. TRUE Radiance

This product makes you stand out from the crowd in the exact way you want to. Whether you want to stand out as a hard worker at the office, a great friend, or a devoted significant other, this product will help you do just that. This product is not instant sex appeal, it's instant overall appeal.

With these products, you will be shocked at how drastically your life can change! TRUE Pheromones only add to the natural pheromones your body is already creating. You have been producing androstenone for quite some time, but maybe you just need an extra boost of it for people to notice. You won't regret your decision to try these products!