Androstenol (3-alpha) vs Androstenol (3-beta) Pheromones and their effects on humans

Androstenol (3-alpha) vs Androstenol (3-beta) Pheromones and their effects on humans

29th Feb 2016

Androstenol pheromoneThe Androstenol pheromone has two types--3-alpha and 3-beta. While these pheromones do have similarities, they are both different and have different effects on humans.

Alpha Androstenol enhances conversations by making thoughts flow fluidly. It can increase your verbal skills and can help you become social, open, happy, and confident. Also, this pheromone is sometimes used as a buffer along with more aggressive pheromones, to make them less strong.

Women who smell Alpha Androstenol are more likely to initiate social interaction, and are more open to being approached by males. This pheromone is known as the "friendly pheromone" for this exact reason.

Although this pheromone creates a fun, upbeat approachable vibe for those around you, it is not for creating deep connections. Usually it creates surface-level interactions and helps when meeting someone new. When using this pheromone, both men and women say that they find each other to be more physically attractive.

Androstenol pheromoneThis pheromone is great for making first impressions and for creating lasting conversations with those around you. Don't be afraid to use it in various situations--it's not just for the bar, or for a first date! Use it when interacting with people for the first time, and you'll always be a winner. People will want to approach you, and you will be the life of the party.

Beta Androstenol has different effects. The person who smells it usually feels a deep connection to the wearer right away. This pheromone gets people to trust you and to open up about things that they normally hide from other people. It can open the door to developing strong connections and bonds between both men and women.

This pheromone can definitely improve your relationship with your significant other. If you have been feeling distant from each other, and don't know why, this product can change that. Beta Androstenol can help create a natural bond between you and your significant other.

Although these pheromones have different effects, they can be paired together to create a great combination. There are products you can buy which feature both of these pheromones separately, or together, but the combination of both Alpha and Beta Androstenol is perfect for many situations.  

Androstenol pheromone

TRUE Alpha is the ultimate combination of both Alpha Androstenol and Beta Androstenol, because it is proven to elicit both social response and sexual excitement in women. This product is focused on very powerful sexual appeal. If you wear this, you will instantly come off as the alpha male that women crave, and other men respect. Your dominance will be asserted without you having to say anything. Your masculinity and power, especially in social situations, will be respected. Women around you will experience elevated moods, and will feel comfortable and connected with you. Conversations will be easy and natural. You'll be the most attractive man in the room without changing a single thing about yourself, all thanks to this great combination of Alpha and Beta Androstenol.

Androstenol pheromone

TRUE Opener is another product that combines both Alpha and Beta Androstenol in a really great way. If you want women to approach you and break the ice, this is the pheromone to wear. The Alpha and Beta pheromones exist in this product in a 70/30 ratio. When it is interpreted by women, it will make them want to approach you and talk to you. Sometimes, they might not even understand why exactly they are so drawn to you...they just roll with it. With this product, you won't need to the cheesy pickup lines, and you won't need to worry about introducing yourself--women will always approach you. And, the best part is, you won't be nervous. It will all feel natural--because it is!

Keep in mind, this product has nothing to do with getting laid. It was made solely for communication without having to deal with the pressure of having sex. We want men to feel comfortable around women, and to be able to impress women without feeling nervous and jittery. You could use this product on a date, or you could use this when making a first impression at the office.

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