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Why Some Pheromones Are Capable Of Quickly Changing The Perception Of A Person

pheromonesPheromones are natural compounds that are produced by all animals, including humans. Pheromones are secreted in sweat and act as a primal means of communication between individuals of the same species. Each pheromone aims to communicate a particular message, such as aggression, distress or sexual availability. The pheromone is designed to manipulate the behavior of any individual that receives it.

Sex pheromones have been studied extensively in animals, with studies consistently showing that pheromones have a significant impact on mating behaviors. For example, one particular pheromone secreted by butterflies is so powerful that it can attract a potential mate from up to 10km away.

Studies in humans are more difficult to carry out, as the decisions we make when choosing a partner depend on a wide range of complex factors. However, there is reason to suspect that pheromones can have some impact on people's perceptions of each other. The pheromone androstadienone, which is found in male sweat, causes measurably increased levels of the arousal hormone cortisol in the female body. This could lead to her being more open to the possibility of intimacy with him - providing she is not turned off by the thought of all that sweat!

A human pheromone study carried out by researchers in Sweden used medical imaging to show the impact that sex pheromones have on brain activity. The researchers concluded that homosexual and heterosexual men show different brain activity when exposed to particular pheromones, with homosexual male brains responding in the same way as heterosexual female brains. This suggests that there might be a biological basis for human sexual orientation, with pheromones playing a key role in the mechanism.

Although pheromones occur naturally in the body, they can also be artificially manufactured. Some women's perfumes contain synthetically-derived pheromones that are designed to invoke feelings of attraction and intimacy in men. Products containing pheromones are also available for men who wish to gain an invisible advantage on the dating scene.

When a pheromone given off by an individual is received by a person standing close to him, it immediately starts to effect subtle changes in that person's brain chemistry. There is no way for a person to detect that a pheromone is acting on them, or know what effect it is having on their thoughts, feelings or perceptions. For this reason, pheromones are potentially a very effective means of subliminal communication.

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