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Pheromones Perfumes

Pheromones perfumesAccording to research conducted at the University of Colorado, pheromones are airborne chemicals emitted by sexually-mature animals and insects to attract the opposite sex. Humans also emit pheromones through the sweat glands and other bodily fluids for the same reason. The researchers discovered a small gland inside the nose that detects the pheromones emitted by the opposite sex. You may not be aware that you are receiving the signal but it dictates your sexual behavior and attraction to the opposite sex.

Often called natures aphrodisiac, 'pheromone' is derived from the Greek words, 'Pheran' (to transmit) and 'Horman' (to stimulate). It is the most common way that animals and insects communicate. When applied onto the skin, it can greatly enhance sexual appeal. This can change your life and how you are viewed by others.

The ABC show 20/20 experimented with pheromone spray. Using identical twin brothers, they had one twin use the pheromone. The twin who used it was more sexually attractive to women than his brother.

Sales people have discovered that using pheromone gives them an advantage when dealing with customers. Men have been using it in the work place to gain trust and appear more dominant. They also reported that when using the pheromone they gain more respect from co-workers and customers.

Copulins are emitted during ovulation which is the strongest pheromone secreted by women. Women have reported that it not only improves their sex life, but they are more likely to receive more respect and promotions at work.

Although pheromones do not emit an odor, it can be very attractive to the opposite sex. In a study conducted at the San Francisco State University, 74% of the women who were given pheromone to use along with their regular perfume for 14 weeks reported an increase in sexual advances by men as opposed to the women who were given a placebo. According to Dr. Norma McCoy, a psychology professor who was the head of the study, pheromones give a biological signal that a woman is ready to reproduce. Although men cannot smell the pheromones, his natural instinct is to romance this woman with the goal of having intercourse. Only sexual activities that required a male partner were used in this study. This was the first study of its kind using synthetic pheromones. Many perfume companies are advertising that they are adding pheromones to their products.

For more information on how the use of pheromones perfumes can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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