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Do Pheromones Really Work

pheromonesEvery man has seen sensational ads for pheromone cologne. You find them in the back pages of fitness magazines (and in other, more embarrassing publications), and they always claim that one spray on your neck or under your arms will turn you into an instant object of desire everywhere you go. Whether you're at work or the club you'll have women grinding up on you, breathlessly asking if you're busy later, and slipping their phone numbers into your pants pocket with sly, suggestive grins on their lips.

Does pheromone cologne really work that way? No, but it does still work.

What Pheromones Do For You

So, for those who don't know, pheromones are a naturally produced part of your sexual attraction. While humans don't use their noses as much as, say, dogs do, we still release a sex scent. Typically it evaporates out of our sweat, and when someone physically compatible with us smells it that scent triggers attraction in that person's brain.

Pheromone cologne ups your game by giving you an extra dose of lab-tested pheromones that will get a woman's attention. So while you aren't going to suddenly be metamorphosed into a human equivalent of a wild stallion, this cologne will get women to notice and evaluate you. You still need to turn on the charm, dress for success, and do all the things you would normally do if you were trying to get a woman interested in you; pheromone cologne just gives you a boost during those crucial moments where you're trying to get your foot in the door, and to convince her that you're the man she should give her attention (and possibly other things) to.

For more information on pheromone colognes and how do pheromones really work, such as the dos and do nots of their use for getting the best possible results, simply contact us today!

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