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The Effortless Art of Attracting Men With Pheromones

pheromonesFor some women, attracting men seems like an effortless task. We've all come across her: the long-legged blonde with the hour-glass figure who is perpetually the center of attention. For those of us who don't have those effortless man-attracting powers, her abilities are both impressive and frustrating. What is it about her? Certainly she's beautiful on the outside, but is there more to it than that?

Research shows that there are seven traits that men find desirable in women. The first trait is the ability to have fun. No one wants to date someone who is boring or a downer. Don't be afraid to act silly and have fun! Secondly, men love confidence. If a woman doesn't find herself worthy of love, why would a man find her desirable? Confident women believe in themselves and know that they're a good catch. Men also desire women who are independent. If a woman has no interests of her own and is overly needy, she's not as likely to be viewed as a desirable partner. Strength is another characteristic that men like in women. They want a woman who can stand up for herself and her beliefs, not someone who crumbles easily in tough situations. Although men like strength, they also want a woman who is vulnerable with them. That means that, although she's strong to the outside world, she can let her guard down with the man she loves. Not surprisingly, happiness is another characteristic that attracts men. People flock to happy people; happiness is contagious. Finally, men desire femininity.

So, what about the women who are lacking in one or more of these characteristics? Are they destined for a life of loneliness? Fortunately, they're not. Thanks to the power of pheromones, all women can now attract men just as effortlessly as the long-legged blonde. Pheromones--which are typically secreted in sweat and bodily fluids--are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are responsible for sexual behaviors. This natural aphrodisiac is an ancient form of animal communication found in humans, animals, and even insects.

How can pheromones attract men? Applying pheromones topically-- as a spray on perfume or cologne -- results in your own pheromone levels getting a boost. It's as simple as that: apply your pheromone spray, and watch the men subconsciously realize that they're attracted to you.

Are you ready to get back into the dating game with renewed vigor? Contact us today.

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