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The Effects That Pheromones Have on Men (For Women)

PheromoneWe’ve all heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Today, however, with advancements in chemistry and science, we should say that the way to a man’s heart is through his nose. That’s because of pheromones, chemical substances produced and released by mammals and others. Pheromones work to influence the behaviors and physiology of other members of the same species through smell or physical contact and are just as critical to human development and sexual response as they are to others in the animal kingdom. Increasingly, women are taking pheromone power to heart and are using creams, colognes, and other pheromone-packed products to tilt the odds of successfully attracting Mr. Right more in their favor.

How and Why Men React to Pheromones

For those in the market for pheromone products, it’s important to understand that using pheromones isn’t an alternative to “Spanish Fly” or any other aphrodisiac. While these chemicals do have a marked influence on sexual attraction and arousal, they do not have the equivalent power of alcohol consumption.

No matter how wonderful you smell, pheromones do not offer transformative powers. Your breast size won’t increase. You don’t suddenly wind up with Jennifer Aniston’s body. Instead, what happens is that your chemical undertones are exaggerated and made to be more pronounced and noticeable. When you find yourself in close contact with members of the opposite sex, while you can’t expect them to start throwing roses at you and serenading you at the work water cooler, you can expect them to lean in a little closer. A quick check up will generally showcase at least a few of the more obvious signs of subtle attraction: getting closer, making physical contact, dilated pupils, flared nostrils, etc.

The really interesting thing about pheromone function is that the responses that the man’s (or woman’s) body has to the detection of pheromones in the air are pre-programmed into us at the DNA level. This is primitive, evolutionarily powerful stuff that works like magic, but only because of the benefit of science. So, ladies, if you’re really interested in bringing your A-Game to the table, don’t just hit the gym and the salon - take the time out to invest in the science of sexual attraction and lead Mr. Right to you by the nose.

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