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Science Shows You Really Can Attract the Opposite Sex with Pheromones

pheromonesIt's that time of year again. In 2015, Spring arrives on March 20, and from then on, people's thoughts and daydreams will turn easily toward romance. Valentines Day may occur in February, but when Springtime is here, true love is in the air.

Make sure the air around you is secretly scented with True Pheromones, and your love life may take a turn for the sweeter. Scientists now prove that it's possible to attract the opposite sex with pheromones.

A study reported in Scientific American magazine claims that human noses can indeed detect the invisible chemical signals that are pheromones. Humans are highly sensitive to smells. So far, nobody has exactly proven how pheromones work to spark romantic attention between humans. They only know that they do, and that's a wonderful thing.

Pheromones were first identified in 1959 when zoologists and biologists found that a powerful olfactory trigger they dubbed bombykol could attract male silk moths to females that were located many miles away. Pheromones can travel long distances, and take only a few molecules to be effective. Tristram Wyatt, a zoologist at the University of Oxford, said "The males are enormously sensitive to it.”

Bettina Pause, a psychologist who studies human social olfaction at Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, says, "We've just started to understand that there is communication below the level of consciousness. My guess is that a lot of our communication is influenced by chemosignals."

It certainly is. People have been scenting themselves with aromatic salves, oils and precious perfumes for millennia. Today, you can add a dab or three of True Pheromones oil or spray to your pulse points and attract more attention from the opposite sex than ever before.

When you're ready to know more about the ways True Pheromones can help to improve your social standing and ramp up your romantic life, contact us without hesitation.

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