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Read Bestselling Author Sylvia Day and Attract Women with Pheromones

pheromonesThe bestselling author of Bared to You and Reflected in You, Sylvia Day also has a number of historical romances to her credit.  Like her well known contemporary romances, these are sensual reads which  contain a well-researched historical element.  A Passion for Him is the story of a romance between Amelia Benbridge and Colin Mitchell who grow up together, eventually falling in love.  However, Amelia is the daughter of a peer and Colin is the son of a wandering gypsy who has finally settled down.  So they are not equals in terms of social class and Colin resists being with Amelia because he knows that their match would never be sanctioned.

Eventually, Colin risks his life to save Amelia who is in danger and she comes away from the encounter thinking that he has died.  She never falls in love with anyone again but after pining for many years, decides to marry her good friend, the Earl of Ware.  There’s no tension, no passion between Amelia and the Earl but he has always been there for her as she’s been there for him.  Besides, Ware wants to marry someone who doesn’t covet him only for his title and fortune.  Since Amelia has always been his friend, he knows he can trust her.

However, at a masquerade party that both Amelia and Ware are attending, a masked stranger follows Amelia with his eyes and she finds herself strangely drawn to him.  She sets up a rendezvous and kisses him without discovering his identity.  This is the first time since Colin that she’s felt this way with anyone and she’s not about to let him get away.  In an amazing love scene that takes place at an inn, Amelia and the masked man make love and, the next day, Amelia discovers that he is actually Colin who had not died but had gone away to make his fortune so that he could become deserving of a woman like her. 

Sylvia Day’s story shows the power of pheromones.  Obviously, Colin was emitting the right types of pheromones to attract women like Amelia whereas the Earl of Ware wasn’t.  But you don’t have to be dependent on the pheromones your body naturally produces.  Now, you can buy pheromone cologne in order to produce the same effect.  If you’re just looking to attract women, try TrueOpener or TrueAlpha.  But if you’re looking for real love, try TrueLove.  You’ll never have to hear the words, “I like you….as a friend” again.  By using pheromones, you can create the type of chemistry you only hear about in novels.

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