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Primal Instincts; The Science Behind Pheromones

pheromonesThe existence of subconscious-altering pheromones has been a topic of fierce debate among the scientific community for decades. Are pheromones still at work deep in our primal subconscious, or is the system obsolete?

Modern humans go to extreme lengths to mask places of odor on our bodies. This is the reason some researchers say that pheromones are an outdated system. But then that raises the question of, why? Why do we try so hard to deodorize areas we think need deodorizing and then cover ourselves with a different smell? Why would this matter, if our pheromones and olfactory system don't have a part to play?

Highly compelling research has been done to link pheromones and certain triggers in humans. One particularly interesting study was performed by Michael Kalogerakis and Irving Bieber. They theorized that upon reaching an age of subconsciously creating a sexual identity, young boys are able to differentiate and react differently to the smells of their parents. A study was performed on young boys ranging in age from two to four. This study found that by this age, the young boys had begun showing an aversion to the smell of their father, and increased attraction to the smell of their mother. This strongly indicates a link between developing sexual identity and pheromonal triggers in humans.

Another study was performed some time in 2002 to test male's reactions to a synthesized pheromone derived from college age sexually-active females. Two groups were given a perfume, one with the active pheromone and one with a placebo. It was found that over the course of the study, the pheromone group reported an increase in male interest, intercourse, petting/affection from males, and sleeping next to partners. The study concluded that the pheromone group had an increase of overall male attention by 73% as opposed to the control group at 23%.

Much research has been done on this topic, all suggesting a strong link between pheromones and a triggered sexual response in humans. If you would like to know more, we welcome you to visit our website. Additionally, you may contact us directly with any questions you might have.

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