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Pheromones To Attract Females

Tutoring BusinessMany men have heard of male pheromones, which are natural hormones produced by the body that other people, women in particular, experience without knowing it, thereby attracting them to the male. However, there are many misconceptions about male pheromones that men should understand before trying to utilize their nature pheromones to help attract women in a natural and positive way.

About Pheromones

Male pheromones are the body’s natural sex hormones that attract women in a sexual manner to that man on a subconscious level, especially during certain points of the female’s menstrual cycle.

The biological function of pheromones is to create a specific behavioral or psychological response in others of the same species to increase sexual attraction to the individual. In nature, this helps ensure procreation to continue the species. However, since humans have discovered and studied the effects of pheromones, the ability to use pheromone products to help increase personal attraction to others has skyrocketed in popularity.

Studies by the Northumbria University in the United Kingdom ( points out those skin glands located under the arms, in the groin produce pheromones, and become functional during puberty.

In addition, women tend to be most aware of male pheromones when ovulating and are therefore most fertile, so the same woman may react differently to a man at different points of her monthly cycle. However, it seems that oral contraception also affects female detection and perception of pheromones, which may make predictability of the success of pheromone produc ts more unlikely.

Androstenone and Androstenol

Tutoring BusinessAccording to the Social Issues Research Center (, there are different male pheromones and women do not respond equally to all male pheromones. The SIRC notes that there is a male pheromone called androstenone, created when male sweat meets air. In other words, this is the pheromone created when male sweat has been on the body for a while, thereby exposing the hormones to oxygen and changing the subconscious scent created, and this is a less appealing hormone for most women. At best, women tend to have a ‘neutral’ reaction to this pheromone, compared to a ‘negative’ reaction to the subconscious scent of androstenone most of the time.

Androstenol, however, is a hormone present in fresh, clean sweat and this is the pheromone that most females find most attractive, although the presence of androstenol is naturally less common. The Northumbria study says that the androstenol pheromone has a slightly sandalwood-like scent, which women tend to find attractive but men do not, which may help the man win out over the competition when it comes to attracting females.

In addition, the SIRC asserts that women who are 18 inches or closer to the man can only detect the pheromone androstenol. As such, men who use pheromone products need to look for an androstenol-based product and use it for social situations in which standing in fairly close proximity to women is possible (without offending or frightening anyone, of course).

Effects of Pheromones

Tutoring BusinessNoting that there is a significant differenc e between perceptions of the two different pheromones, the Northumbria University study concluded that there is a definite increase in female attraction to men using pheromone products, especially androstenol, including rating the man as more attractive, sexually appealing and having long-term relationship potential.

Moreover, the Northumbria study found that women taking oral contraceptives were primarily affected concerning whether they would be interested in a long-term relationship with the man using the pheromones. However, they had similar increases in sexual and physical attraction to the man as women not taking oral contraceptives. In addition, women taking oral contraceptives were less likely to detect androstenone compared to women not taking oral contraception, which means that other factors such as physical attraction may be just as important if not more important than the use of pheromones when trying to attract a woman without knowing whether or not she is on the pill.

Mood Enhancement

Tutoring BusinessPheromone products may have a psychological benefit for the man as well as other women, since studies show that men who use nice-smelling colognes feel better and have a better sense of well-being, which is more attractive to women overall.
In conclusion, studies support the concept that pheromone products may help increase a man’s subconscious appeal to women. However, oral contraceptives and the current point of the woman’s menstrual cycle may also affect her attraction to the potential mate, which means that the pheromones are not a definite advantage and social interaction and physical attraction matters almost as much, if not more.

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