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Pheromones: It's all in the chemistry

pheromonesHow does what we smell affect how we feel toward others? If you think about it there are people who you find attractive and others that are a complete turn off. While it is true that opposites attract, what causes the attraction is both physical and chemical as well. The chemical process known as pheromones. These hormones then create an emotional point of reference which be the difference between a pleasurable experience and one that results in complete disaster.

What are pheromones and why do we need them

So what’s so important about this word with the evocative name anyway? Simply put a pheromone is a chemical that when secreted changes the behavior of another. In purpose of pheromones is to intensify a stronger sexual drive and enhance the relationship between the sexes. In addition to promoting sexual arousal, pheromones can trigger our sense of alarm or enhance the bond between mother and child.

Marketing the rousing agent

While we are visual beings, the persuasive power of pheromones cannot be denied. Marketing companies understand the impact of this rousing agent and strategically use them to subliminally influence us to buy their products. There is more to that sensual perfume than just a pretty bottle, marketers know that it’s all about the art of persuasion. Pheromones are the catalyst that stimulate our senses, creating a mental picture.

Our senses compel us to action

pheromonesA woman might wear a particular perfume because it makes her feel beautiful, more confident. A man may experience a stronger attraction when applying a particular cologne. Attempting to impress the female he may do something out of the ordinary to obtain her affection. The pheromone is an emotional trigger and that trigger creates the experience associated with the smell.

Let’s get physical

Pheromones are found in sweat and can intensify sexual attraction. Studies have shown that in certain cases women find male sweat very stimulating. Perhaps it is less to do with the sweat and more to do with those abs. In either case who knew that working out could be sexy?

Perhaps the concept of romance is nothing more than a state of mind but if you are looking to increase your chances, pheromones would be viable point of reference. The next time you feel attraction toward the opposite sex and are subconsciously prompted to action, just remember it’s really all in the chemistry.

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