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Pheromones for Power and Respect at Home and at Work

PheromonesFor some reason, there's a lot of entertainment value in luckless men. From poor Charlie Chaplin, known as the Little Tramp; to Charlie Brown, who kept trying to kick the football even though we all knew Lucy would pull it away; up to Rodney Dangerfield, who just couldn't get no respect, failure seems to come across as funny.

But, in one's own life, failure feels different. With failure comes feelings of shame, regret, and resentment. Sometimes failure hurts so much that people try to blame it on others. The fact is, failure at something important is the start of a vicious cycle.

If you ever feel like a failure, that's something to address right away before you spiral down into self-destructive and energy-reducing conditions that will make another failure that much more likely. If you're a 90-pound weakling inside, it's bound to show. When others perceive that you lack confidence in your own efforts, they are less likely to want to work with you, or even associate with you.

Psychotherapy can help but the process is slow and expensive and not always successful. An approach that considers not just psychology, but the biological basis for behaviors and emotions, can lead to faster results at a lower cost.

Enter pheromones! Nearly everyone has seen the word "pheromone" in a magazine or on TV. Pheromones were discovered just over one hundred years ago, named in 1959, and researched in humans starting in the 1960s.

PheromonesWhen it comes to commanding respect and avoiding failure, pheromone compounds have been identified that help engender respect, love, and even physical attraction. Known as androstenols, these naturally-based chemicals bring about the positive change you have been looking for, when used properly.

Androstenone is called the king of all men's pheromones because its effects are wide-ranging and powerful. Women who sense your androstenols may perceive you as masculine and commanding. Co-workers will afford you more respect than before. Everyone will be more polite to the man with androstenone pheromones.

A related class of pheromones is alpha and beta androstenol. These chemical ice-breakers make people perceive you as a kind, friendly, decent person and feel as though they already know you.

There are other pheromone effects in people. However, for power and respect at work and to get along well with others, a combination of androstenone and the androstenols is optimal.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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