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Pheromone Perfume

How to Use Pheromones Perfume Effectively

PheromonesMany women have sat, staring in the mirror trying to figure out why they were overlooked yet again while their much less attractive friends not only were asked to dance but came home with phone numbers and ardent admirers who could not wait to hear from them again. So, what is their trick? What makes one woman more attractive than another?

The Human Brain and Biology: This is Your Brain on Sex

The human brain is divided into a number of sections and spheres, each responsible for a different action or reaction. The limbic system, a primitive part of the brain is most directly related to sexual attraction. Pheromones, which are odorless, chemical molecules, activate messages in this part of the brain and cause feelings of sexual attraction. These pheromones were first discovered in 1986 by Dr. Winifred Cutler.

Both men and women release these chemicals, however, men pump out far more of them than women do. It has also been established that women might be slightly less stimulated by these chemicals than a man is. The largest concentration of pheromones come from the underarm area.

Because they do not release very potent, natural pheromones, many women turn to the use of pheromone perfumes that allow them to attract far more attention than they were likely to get on their own. It is also possible for them to feel more confident in themselves in the process as the chemicals may give them a subconscious boost. That confidence may allow them to approach men that they would have otherwise been afraid to talk to on their own.

Study Tested and Proven to Work

PheromonesWhile there are many people who largely dispute the use of pheromones as anything but wishful thinking and a money wasting gimmick, there is actually a large body of scientific studies that dispel those sentiments and lend solid and respectable credence to these products. In one study, dated in 1995, Clause Wedekind, of the University of Bern Switzerland found that the reaction people had from encountering the pheromones was another way of the body noticing and accepting the other person as a good, potential genetic match. In other words, the brain processed the inhaled chemicals and surmised that based on that information, this was a potentially ideal match. Other studies have also noted similar findings. In one, unique study, men were shown pictures of women while certain pheromones were pumped into the room. The men found all of the women's photos attractive. The same pictures were shown to other men, this time in a pheromone free room with very different reactions. Instead of all of the women being found attractive this time, many were rated as less appealing while some were outright rejected by the men.

It is Not Magic

Pheromone perfume is far from a magical spell or some gimmick. It is a scientifically backed product that can help you feel more attractive by boosting your own confidence at a subconscious level while attracting others at a biochemical level. It can be a powerful, secret weapon in your mission to find a suitable mate.

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