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Pheromone Cologne

PheromonesEveryone has heard the term “animal attraction,” yet, what not everyone is aware of is that there is a scientific basis behind the phraseology. It has always been known there is pheromone component to the behavior patterns of animals, but recent studies have shown that the same component exists in human beings. Pheromones are, by definition a chemical produced by an animal or human that can have a behavior modifying affect on the opposite sex of the species. Though pheromones are chemical compounds that are odorless, they are still readily perceived by other animals, or, as has been mentioned, humans. Pheromones in animals can be used to indicate alarm, bonding, and even sexual arousal. In humans, in the case of sexual arousal, the same effect has been documented. The pheromones both humans and animals secrete are processed by the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is primitive part of the brain that plays a big role in sexual arousal.

It is occasionally the case that one may not produce the optimal amount of pheromones and may then require supplementation. When it was discovered in the early to mid nineties that human pheromone transfer was indeed possible, many labs began to manufacture pheromones for just this purpose. One of the most popular ideas that came to fruition during this time was that of pheromone perfumes, or small vials of liquid pheromones used for supplementation that are applied in very much the same way perfumes are. Many companies supply these products, but some are more reliable than others, such as

When purchasing a pheromone supplement, quality is always important, as is the way one uses the product. For instance, application can play a key role in the product's effectiveness. In the case of pheromones, it is generally a good idea to apply them, not unlike perfume, to the pulse points of the body, which generate heat and allow for an effective and thorough diffusion of the product. Another thing to consider when properly using the supplementary hormones is the venue. It is the better idea to use pheromones in places where it is conducive to meeting a partner, such as a bar, the beach, bookstore or other locale in which the opportunity for pheromones to be exchanged is maximized. With a quality product, careful and proper application, and the right location, it is entirely possible that pheromone supplementation just may be the key to a new relationship.

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