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Never Stay Home on a Friday Night Again: Seven Places Pheromones Can Help You Meet Someone Special

pheromonesIf you truly want to meet someone, you should never stay home on a Friday night again. The person you're dreaming of is not going to walk through the front door of your home uninvited. You have to apply your pheromones, get out and mingle, in a setting where someone can detect them. Below are seven optimal ones.

  • A classroom. Whether you always wanted to learn to speak Italian, want to know how to change the oil in your car, or want to learn about a particular hobby, classrooms are great places to meet people. Just be sure to sit close enough to whoever you're attracted to that they can pick up on your scent.
  • A party. People are more relaxed in such a setting, and have an easier time approaching one another. When you see someone you consider a potential match, just move into their orbit.
  • Dances. This is a great way to meet people, because it requires physical contact, and you get to switch partners! It's practically effortless to get close enough for someone to smell you.
  • Grocery stores. If you see someone interesting in the frozen foods section, you can sidle on over and pretend to examine a product in a nearby freezer. Just don't open the door, to prevent the blast of cold air from coming between you.
  • Political campaigns. It's a perfect way to spend a lot of time close to somebody, as you discuss marketing your candidate and other campaign strategies. Just be sure to sit nearby, and let nature do its part.
  • Health Clubs. It's easy to find a way to get up close and personal with someone here, especially when you're using the same type of exercise equipment. Sweat contains natural pheromones, too, so you'll have even more of them!
  • Coffee shops. You can invite someone to join you, ask them what they're drinking, or even start talking about an entirely different topic. Just be sure to stand close enough to light the spark.

Of course, anyplace where you can get close to people is a good place for pheromones to work. Just be sure to apply them before you set out, and see how easy meeting your special someone really is!

For more information on how pheromones can help you meet someone special, contact us.

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