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Latest Pheromone Research from Europe and Asia

PheromonesSometimes the media gives us too much of a good thing. The general public has been exposed to a lot of sensational ideas about pheromones, sometimes so outlandish as to breed skepticism in sensible audiences.

However, there are dozens of studies, conducted worldwide, showing the powers of pheromones in human social situations include work, dating, and home. Reviewing just a few of these will convince you that a pheromone product, applied at the right time, just might be the easy, inexpensive problem-solver you've been looking for.

A recent study headed by Agnar Helgeson of Iceland, for example, has shown that human pheromones transmit distinct information about the degree of familial relatedness between two people. In addition, degree of familial relatedness was found to affect a couple's ability to have children.

The Icelandic researchers saw that when couples had some kind of distant family relation such as being third or fourth cousins, their fertility was higher than that of couples less closely related. Dr. Helgeson concluded that this effect had was biological, somehow related to pheromones. Though this research is preliminary, its findings are intriguing to students of human pheromones.

PheromonesIn Japan, research on female pheromones and the menstrual cycle has been ongoing for several years. Not long ago, Kazuyuki Shinohara and his colleagues wanted to learn more about the well-documented phenomenon known as menstrual synchrony. It's been shown by George Preti at the Monell Chemical Senses Research Center, among others, that females living in close proximity will eventually end up with their menstrual cycles synchronized. However, no one was sure of the role of hormones and pheromones in bringing on menstrual synchrony. Shinohara found that androstenol pheromone compounds affect certain hormonal secretions which influence the timing of ovulation.

On topics such as mate selection, fertility, menstruation, and the therapeutic and life-enhancing properties of pheromones, there is no shortage of new research coming out yearly. Seminal work has been done in the United States, by scientists like Martha McClintock at the University of Chicago, and George Preti at Monell.

If you are truly interested in finding how powerful an effect a simple pheromone can have, it's worth reading about work produced in other nations. English is the "lingua franca," or common tongue, of scientific publishing; so, don't worry, you don't have to know Icelandic or Japanese to delve more deeply into the studies presented here!

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