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Increasing Effective Communication with The Use of Sexual Pheromones

PheromonesAlthough pheromones largely communicate through your body’s sense of smell, that doesn’t mean that a pheromone doesn’t have the power to “say” certain things. Everyone knows that our methods of communication are not merely restricted to the words that come out of our mouths (verbal communication) but also in more subtle ways by the way we “say” things with our eyes, hands, and bodies (non-verbal communication). We’ve all had instances where our mouths have said one thing but our bodies have said something else entirely. While some of this can be attributed to social awkwardness, these seeming inconsistencies can often be negated when we use evolutionary tools like sexual pheromones to increase the effectiveness of our verbal and non-verbal communication.

A Pheromone Doesn’t JUST Affect Others

The first thing that you need to understand is that pheromone colognes and perfumes don’t only affect the people who are around you. Your own body is also incredibly sensitive to the messages that are being communicated by pheromones and can influence your own behaviors and responses. If you have suffered from your own fair share of social awkwardness in the past, you’ll likely be surprised at the finesse with which you suddenly operate when aided by pheromone colognes or perfumes. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a totally different person. This is actually a natural response, and all you are doing is accentuating your own natural aptitudes and attraction components and taking them to the next level with the aid of science and chemistry. You aren’t becoming someone new or different, you’re becoming “You but better!”

Linking Your Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues

Pheromones hold the power to amp up your communication skills because suddenly your mouth and your body will be communicating the same exact thing. Thanks to your improved confidence and the powerful messages you’ll be sharing through your sense of smell, members of the opposite sex will hear what you’re saying loud and clear, without confusion. Even better, as you grow accustomed to your new prowess, you’ll also get better at reading and interpreting the verbal and non-verbal communication voiced by those of the opposite sex when they interact with you. No matter how clumsy your communicating may have been in the past, prepare yourself for a brighter future of attraction with pheromones.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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