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How to Pick Up Women with Body Language, Eye Contact, a Friendly Manner and Pheromones

pheromonesHave you ever wondered why a number of ordinary-looking guys seem to do really well with women in bars whereas you, who might be pretty buff and good-looking, seem to strike out more often?  Doesn’t that go against all the laws of attraction?  Women are supposed to be attracted to well-dressed, well-groomed men with muscular physiques.  So what exactly are you doing wrong?  Here are some tips on how to pick up women with pheromones; you can also use body language, eye contact and a friendly manner to make sure she stays interested:

  1. Body Language.  It’s a good idea to check out a woman’s body language before you try to strike up a conversation with her.  Is she sitting with her arms and legs crossed and her eyes focused on the drink in front of her?  Or is she looking around, flipping her hair and occasionally talking to people, even if she’s alone?  It’s not a good idea to hit on someone who wants to have some quiet time.  Look for someone who seems like she’s open to company.
  2. Eye Contact.  Before you go up to someone and start talking, it’s a good idea to stand or sit somewhere within her line of vision.  Look up from time to time and see if she’s looking in your direction.  If you make eye contact and she doesn’t turn away, smile and lift your glass.  Then wait for a few minutes before going up to her to start a conversation.  Most women are very aware of men checking them out.  So if she’s allowing you to make eye contact, that’s a good sign.
  3. Be Friendly.  Another mistake most guys make is scaring women away by being too direct and over-the-top.  You don’t need to compliment a woman lavishly in order to get her to like you.  And you don’t need to get her drunk.  You just need to be friendly and talk to her like she’s a normal, intelligent person whom you would like to get to know.  Don’t turn her into a back-slapping buddy but don’t come on too strong either.
  4. Use Pheromones.  When you’re picking up women, you need all the help you can get.  So it doesn’t hurt to use pheromones to make yourself more sexually appealing, more trustworthy and easier to talk to.  If you pick a woman who has the right body language, make eye contact and approach her in a friendly way, pheromones will help you to cinch the deal.

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