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How to Attract The Opposite Sex With Pheromones

pheromonesThe human body is a complex thing, full of functions that we barely even understand anymore. For example, have you ever been out on a date with someone, the two of you are dancing, and your date leans in and whispers, "You smell really good tonight."

In some circumstances it might be a little creepy to say that, but we've all thought it at some point in time. We took a deep breath, and something about the way that person smelled got our blood hammering. What we're experiencing when this happens is exposure to the opposite sex's pheromones.

How to Attract The Opposite Sex With Pheromones

Your body is like a luxury car; even if you've been driving it for years you still have no idea where all the features are. Pheromones are something you naturally produce, and you release them into the air when your sweat evaporates. These chemicals are picked up by the opposite sex's nose, and they inform them that you are a sexual match. This turns on all the "we should pursue this person" systems, and leads to attraction.

In general, anyway.

The problem a lot of us face is that our natural pheromone output just isn't enough to cut it in this modern age. So an alternative solution has been to use pheromone perfumes or colognes, which you can spray on in small doses to get a bigger effect. As with natural pheromones, though, you still need to be fairly close to have the effect you want. You also need to make sure you have as few competing scents as possible. So a crowded club scene where you're competing for space with all the other perfumes, body sprays, and general crush isn't ideal, but an intimate dinner or the booth in the back of a bar would be perfect.

Remember, Pheromones Aren't Magic

Pheromones are a chemical that will get someone's attention, but they're really just a foot in the door with the opposite sex. They won't do all the work for you, so you still need to be able to converse with your interested party, and to feel out whether the two of you will make good partners. Pheromones give you an advantage, but they aren't an instant "jump into bed now" card.

For more information on pheromones and how you can use them to attract the opposite sex, simply contact us today!

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