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How Pheromones Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress in Both Sexes

PheromonesPheromones are like nature's own text messages. They serve to alert other organisms that something's up. Sometimes they are used to transmit danger signals; other times, to deliver a "come hither" invitation. Other animals, including primates, along with plants and insects, have evolved to create and receive pheromone signals among their own species. It's no stretch to acknowledge the same in humans.

Though we humans cannot detect pheromones on a conscious level, we are nonetheless affected by them when we are around other people. In fact, though this is hard to believe, research has shown that we are affected by other people's laundry before it is washed. Maybe that's why the laundromat is such a great place to meet a member of the opposite sex!

On the topic of stress, mood, and pheromone secretions, there's evidence to suggest that relationships among the three exist. The very same pheromone products that have been shown to increase sexual attractiveness, and even garner respect in the workplace, have been shown to increase positive moods and decrease symptoms of depression.

Certainly, if you are experiencing problems with mood, stress, and depression, it is wise to consult a physician to determine if there is a physical cause for your symptoms. You might be referred to a mental health expert, who might counsel you or prescribe psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs.

Though many take the mainstream route, it might be the long way to the goal. A possible adjunct is to use a well-established sexual attraction pheromone instead. These compounds do indeed increase others' interest in you but, along with that, they increase people's motivation to be nice to you. What's not to like about nice people?

In addition to that, many people who purchase and apply pheromone essences under their noses, on the philtrum, report an almost immediate improvement in mood. They say their worries recede and their happiness increases.

If you are looking at non-prescription solutions to improving your mood, and the way people treat you, a pheromone product would be a good place to start. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, with their side effects, interactions, and complications, pheromones are gentle and safe.

Though there is no proof positive that pheromones can be used for long-term mood elevation, it's certain that they give many people a lift and can be an effective component of your daily coping arsenal.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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