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Pheromones Attraction

PheromonesHuman pheromones are subtle yet powerful hormones that are unconsciously activated by our sense of smell. Every day, without even realizing it, our senses are assaulted with a host of these biological chemicals that influence us in a number of different ways. While there is no argument that human sex pheromones do play an important role in sexual attraction, we are just now coming into a deeper understanding of how the process works.

The study of the application of pheromones began with a recognition of how they affected insects and other mammals, but has only recently been studied in regard to their human applications. As more and more studies are performed and evidence is collected, their seemingly magical powers are only now being recognized and taken advantage of.

The Scent of Desire

While humans and other mammals had long been perceived as predominately visual creatures, today we know that our sense of smell is of equal importance, though this isn't something that we actively acknowledge. Of course, if you take the time to think about how powerfully we are impacted by scents and smell, this shouldn't come as a surprise. We've all had those moments when we catch a whiff of a scent we haven't encountered in years, only to discover that a single scent can bring long-gone memories to vividly back to life. If you don't believe it, open up a jar of Play-Doh and see if you aren't suddenly transported back to the days of grade school!

PheromonesWhen it comes to the human sex pheromone, however, we may have a strong physical response without ever understand why or how this is happening. There are two different types of pheromone: the signal pheromone and the primer pheromone. Signal pheromones have a shorter duration and impact while primer pheromones last much longer.

The Four Roles of Pheromones

Pheromones have been documented to serve four very important biological functions: to encourage opposite-sex attraction, to quell same-sex attraction, to foster bonding between mothers and their infants and to help modulate the female menstrual cycle. Not very long ago, scientists were able to document the existence of a pheromone receptor gene in the human nasal passages and lubricating mucus. Despite this supporting evidence, more clinical studies and trials will be necessary to gain a comprehensive, indisputable understanding of how pheromones influence human sexual attraction.

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