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Four Physical Characteristics that Attract Women

pheromonesWe often hear men in movies or on television discussing the physical attributes they find most attractive in women. Less often, however, do we hear women naming their favorite body parts. Don't be fooled, though; women do, in fact, have their physical preferences too. And the good news for men who don't feel particularly genetically blessed is that some of these desired looks are obtainable through hard work at the gym. So, what about a man's body does a woman find sexiest? The top four desired features are discussed below:

Abs. This likely doesn't come as an enormous surprise, but most women are fans of washboard abs. If you're rocking a six or eight pack, you're more likely to turn heads. Interestingly, there's a potential biological reason behind this physical preference. Studies show that men with excessive abdominal fat have lower testosterone, and thus lower sex drives.

Shoulders. If you've never given your shoulders much thought, now's the time. Women are attracted to men with broad shoulders, preferring them over their meek shouldered counterparts. Big, strong shoulders are a sign of strength and masculinity that is not lost on women.

Strong arms. Many women report muscular, defined arms as highly desired on their sexiest features list. Not only do toned arms indicate that a man is active and healthy, but they also elicit a feeling of being protected, according to many women.

Sculpted chest. Women are attracted to strong, muscular chests-- but don't overdo it. Those who take it to the extreme are actually less attractive to most women. On the other hand, flabby stomachs and chests aren't desirable either, so find a happy medium.

Now that you know some of the most desired physical traits a man can possess to attract women, you're ready to devise a plan of action. Unless you're already in top-notch physical shape, that plan will likely involve some time in the gym. In addition to working out, consider adding some pheromone cologne to your daily routine. Dubbed nature's aphrodisiac, pheromones are responsible for sexual attraction. Let pheromone cologne work its magic by boosting your body's own pheromone levels, resulting in women becoming increasingly attracted to you. Contact us today to get started.

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