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Cologne Infused with Pheromones Promotes Power & Respect for Wearer

Cologne Infused with PheromonesPheromones are some of the most powerful chemical triggers in the animal kingdom. They secrete or excrete chemical “factors” that can cause a social response in members of the same species in areas of aggression, information, alarm or sex.

Among insects, the use of pheromones has been well-documented, but less well known are the effects of pheromones in humans. Human begins also excrete natural pheromones, and do so in differing amounts and at different times during a month or week. Depending on their social situation, a human will release different levels of pheromones that can attract or repel both members of the same or the opposite sex.

Many companies now sell pheromone products that claim to do a number of things using these chemicals, but perhaps one of their most unique uses is in colognes that give the wearer the ability to radiate power and encourage respect.

Job markets are competitive, and work functions can be stressful, and having a product that can give an edge in these situations is something that few people would pass up. The key lies in creating a pheromone mix that sends off the right signals, and that means properly designing a formula in order to access the right social responses.

When it comes to men’s cologne intended to promote power and respect, there are seven key pheromones that play a role.

1) Androstenone

This is the most powerful sexual pheromone for men, and is “aggressive” in nature. Too much can be intimidating to others, but the right amount can encourage politeness and respect.

2) Alpha and Beta Androsteol

Cologne Infused with Pheromones These two pheromones can assist in making wearers appear more approachable and interesting, and can help to start conversations.

3) Alpha and Beta Androsterone

These are less aggressive forms of the Androsterone listed above, and they can help to encourage a sense of safety and reliability when it is smelled by others

4) Androstadienone

Known to help increase alertness and improve cognitive functions, this pheromone can help those around the wearer to feel better about themselves and work more efficiently.

Together, these pheromones can help to create a composition that is able to promote a powerful presence and encourage respect for the wearer. This happens by not only giving them an aura of authority, by making others feel that the wearer is approachable, safe and encouraging thought and action in those that are nearby.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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