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Change Your Life with the Help of Sexual Pheromone Colognes

Sexual Pheromone ColognesThere are many misconceptions about love. One of the biggest misgivings is that we need to look a certain way, be rich, and/or have the perfect job to attract mates. This isn't the case. Was there a time when you felt instantly attracted to someone, without knowing much about his or her personality or life circumstances? This was probably due to the presence of pheromones, and it blows all notions of superficial attractiveness out of the water.

Pheromones aren’t a visual or status phenomena, but something rather primal and biological. Everyone has them; we all secrete them through our pores when we sweat and also through other bodily fluids. These compounds are unconsciously smelled by other members of our species (and they are also active in insects and animals, too) communicating a lot about our genetic makeup and whether we would be a beneficial match for procreation and bearing offspring with another individual. If you meet someone to whom you are instantly attracted, although you may feel that this person looks good to you, it most likely has more to do with the fact that your pheromones communicate a beneficial genetic match in terms of reproduction than anything else.

However, even if you have a hard time finding sexual partners that suit your fancy, you can now use recreated pheromone-based products to up the ante in terms of your attractiveness and desirability. Just as naturally occurring pheromones do, synthetic pheromones worn in perfume or cologne can draw others in and make you undeniably appealing.

Use pheromones in body sprays and perfumes, or buy time-released colognes that last throughout the day. If you aren’t a fan of fragrance, you can wash with pheromone body wash or condition your hair with pheromone-infused conditioners. Or, you can fill your home with the warmth and comforting scent of a pheromone candle. Although you won’t smell anything except the obvious base fragrances in these products, subconsciously your body — and those of others — will be favorably disposed toward you and the environment by smelling these pleasing compounds.

Pheromones can be used for romantic purposes, but also to improve other kinds of relationships in your life. You can have a better repartee with your colleagues, because pheromones promote trust and communication. The same goes for friendships and family relations. In many ways, the use of pheromones can make your life more positive.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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