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Bring the Spark Back Into Your Relationship With Pheromone Cologne

pheromonesIn the earliest stages of a relationship, people often feel a euphoric high due to intense physical attraction coupled with the newness of the relationship. As time goes on, however, many couples struggle to keep the romance and attraction alive as they deal with the stressors of everyday life. Experts agree that it is possible to keep the spark alive though, by implementing the following tips:

Act like you just started dating. Think back to when you and your partner first started dating. Consider the things you liked to do together-- going to the theater, trying out new restaurants, or taking cross-country road trips. Then make an effort to start doing those things again. Additionally, consider how you treated your partner in the earliest days of your relationship. Did you send flowers or write love letters? Make those things a part of your relationship again.

Sex matters. In long-term relationships, it's common to fall into a sexual rut from time to time. However, sex is a way we connect to our partners and keep the intimacy alive. So, bring the sexy back into your relationship; light some candles or buy some new lingerie. Let your partner know that you still find him or her attractive.

Get creative. Do you feel like you're stuck in the same old routine, day in and day out? Then do something about it. Is your go-to date night typically dinner out at the same restaurant? Then scrap that in favor of a picnic in the park or an evening at an outdoor concert. Consider joining a co-ed recreational sports team together. Experiencing new things together helps couples to feel more connected.

In addition to implementing the above tips, you can help bring the spark back into your relationship with pheromone cologne. Pheromones are nature's aphrodisiac, responsible for sexual attraction. Pheromone cologne works by boosting your body's own pheromone production. Apply some cologne daily and watch as your partner feels increasingly more attracted to you.

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