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Break Your Relationship Patterns with Pheromone Chemicals

pheromonesRelationships come in different shapes and forms.  You might be looking for one type of relationship but maybe you always end up in a different type.  This happens to a lot of people.  They’re attracted to a certain type of person but that type doesn’t do it for them in the long run.  Some women are attracted to bad boys.  Some men are attracted to women who are only in it for the money.  Don’t get stuck in patterns like this.  Use pheromone chemicals to change the type of person who gets drawn to you.  In addition, try using the following tips to change your relationship patterns:

  1. Recognize Your Patterns. The first step in changing your patterns is recognizing them.  Are you drawn to a certain type of person?  Do you usually attract that type of person to you?  If so, what are the characteristics of that person?  Some women are very compassionate, so they attract men who need their help.  Some men tend to fall for women who are already involved with someone else.  You need to sit down and think hard about the type of person you always seem to get involved with.  Once you know this, you’ll be able to change your pattern too.
  2. Who’s Your Ideal Partner? In order to find Mr. or Ms. Right, you need to know what they’re going to be like.  A lot of people think that it’s ridiculous to have a list of things you need in your ideal partner.  But it’s actually something that makes a lot of sense.  What’s the sense in getting involved with someone who’s obviously wrong for you from the beginning?  So make a list of the things you want from your partner and eliminate the people who don’t have those qualities.
  3. Adjust.  Once you find someone who has almost all the things on your list, you might have to adjust a little bit.  After all, no one’s going to be absolutely perfect.  So if that person doesn’t have each and every little thing, you might need to reconsider.  Think about whether that thing is really important to you.  If it is, then eliminate that person.  If not, then try to change your point of view a little bit.  Speak to that person about what’s bothering you and try to achieve a compromise.

Contact us for more tips on finding that right person who will make you happy.

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