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Dating Woes? Pheromones Can Help!

Dating after a Break-up

pheromonesIf you’ve ever been in a lengthy relationship and suddenly find yourself unattached, alone and wanting to get back into the dating scene, the whole process can be overwhelming. How do you know when you are ready to start dating again? Will the next person you date end up a failed relationship also? What can you expect after being absent from the singles lifestyle for so long? Questions like these prevent many suddenly single people from dating, which may cause them to feel depressed and hopeless about the idea of finding someone with whom they can share their life.

On the Rebound?

Being on the "rebound" means that you are still emotionally upset about your previous relationship, whether it was long-term relationship or lasted just a few months. In some ways this emotional attachment will affect the quality of your current relationship in regards to sensitivity, tolerance and the ability to enjoy the company of another. You know you are on the rebound when you find yourself always thinking about that certain someone else you are no longer are seeing—whether it is in good terms or even bad terms. You constantly wonder if breaking up with him or her may have been too precipitous, that maybe if you were to get back together things would be different. Instead of focusing on current relationships, you are living in the past and accomplishing nothing.

If you do begin dating someone too soon after a break-up and aren’t able to give that person the attention and respect they deserve, try to realize how unfair you are being to that person, who may have more feelings for you than you know about.

Dating—Internet Style?

pheromonesIt is estimated that one out of every five occur today because of two people initially meeting on the Internet. Only twenty years ago, dating arose from singles meeting at conventional places like school, work and church. Dating usually involved meeting someone face to face first and interacting with this person before actually going on a date. The whole process of dating took time—something that Internet dating has almost totally eliminated from the dating scene. Now you don’t need anything but an Internet connection.

I Have Never Met You In Person—Wanna Go Out?

Internet dating is a fascinating sociological phenomenon which has turned into a multi-million dollar industry. Hundreds of online dating services now exist which cater to any kind of dating preference, whether you are looking for a quick hook-up or a lifetime mate. While there are many success stories regarding people finding their soul-mate via an online dating service, there are also just as many failures, if not more. So why do people continue to flock to these dating site in droves, knowing there may be a chance of getting their heart broken?

Find Real Love with Pheromones

pheromonesWhether dating while "on the rebound" or exploring the world of Internet dating, your chances of finding your soul mate or attracting the person you want to attract in less than six months are slim to none. Why waste time going out on dates and never connecting when pheromones will help you scientifically attract the one person you know is right for you?

Pheromones are powerful hormones secreted through the skin by men and women. Although we aren't consciously aware of their smell, our olfactory senses instinctively pick up on their presence and immediately begin signaling the brain that someone of the opposite sex is close by. Once detected, pheromones cause the person who is "smelling" them to experience overwhelming feelings of attraction, excitement and interest due to hormones flooding their brain and body.

With just a drop or two of specially formulated pheromones, you will be amazed at how members of the opposite sex suddenly find you alluring, attractive and irresistible. Pheromones will also give you the self-confidence and self-esteem you need to approach anyone you are attracted to without feeling unsure or nervous.

Dating has never been so fun and exciting with the help of pheromones. Try some and be prepared to experience dating like you've never experienced it before!

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