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Attracting Women by Dressing Well and Being a Good Conversationalist

pheromonesIf you’re a single man interested in attracting women, you have many options.  But first, you need to make up your mind about exactly what you’re looking for.  Is it just a one-night stand, a permanent relationship or something in the middle?  Nowadays, there are so many options for different types of relationships.  If you’re looking for something casual, you can always have a fling or a vacation romance.  If you’re looking for someone you can hang out with and have sex without any complications, you can try the “friends with benefits” option.  Or you can decide to have a full-fledged relationship; find your soul mate or the love of your life.  No matter what type of relationship you decide you want to have, you have to find a woman first, get her talking and keep her interested.  Here are a few tips to help you do so:

Dress Well

When you’re trying to meet someone, appearances count.  You may not be in the best shape of your life.  Not everyone has the time to go to the gym everyday.  But if you at least take some pains with regard to your appearance and make sure that you are well-groomed, you can make a good impression.

  • The Outfit.  If you’re going somewhere casual, jeans are fine but you can make sure they’re nice jeans which fit you well.  Your t-shirt should also hang on your frame comfortably without making you look bigger or smaller than you really are.  If you’re going somewhere more formal, wear a nice shirt with jeans or pants.
  • Accessories.  Invest in a pair of great shoes because they can really make your outfit.  Converse sneakers are great for casual outings while black leather shoes are perfect for special occasions.  Don’t wear too much jewelry.  One ring or a small chain around your neck are fine but most women get turned off by too much bling.  Sunglasses will give you that “bad boy” vibe which most women find irresistible.
  • pheromones
  • Grooming.  A little bit of gel in your hair is fine but not too much.  Women prefer the touchable look.  Pheromone cologne will add the final touch to your outfit and bring women to you instead of the other way around.

Speaking to Women

Whether you’re approaching someone at a bar or you’re being introduced to them at a party, it’s important to make a good first impression.

  • The Introduction.  It’s really important to smile because this reassures the woman that you’re easy to talk to.  You may not realize it but women are also nervous about talking to men.  So if you make eye contact, smile and shake hands, half the job is already done.
  • The Conversation.  You don’t need to use “lines” to get the woman interested in you.  You just need to be sincerely interested in her.  There’s something fascinating about every woman and it’s up to you to find out what that is.

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