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Attract Women With Pheromone Cologne

pheromonesGuys put in a lot of work to attract women. They go to the gym to get in shape, get the latest advice on fashion and hair styles, they research where the best night spots are, and they save up in order to buy drinks and dinner for the lady they want to woo. Between practicing lines in the mirror and getting over their nerves guys could use a little advantage in the dating scene.

That's where pheromone cologne comes in.

What Pheromones Do

Pheromones are chemicals the body naturally produces to attract mates. Have you ever had a woman tell you that you smell good even though you just finished lifting weights? That's because your pheromones evaporate along with your sweat, and they're getting picked up and interpreted by her brain. That said, the human nose is not our main way of experiencing the world and the pheromones we produce all on our own are not really enough to sway a partner in our favor on the first date.

Pheromone Cologne Raises The Stakes

You only produce a certain number of pheromones, and they have to get from you to the nose of the fairer sex for her to notice you. Pheromone cologne is scientifically formulated to be a much louder signal though, and one that's much easier for women to pick up on. It packs a bigger punch, and it will get a woman's attention more thoroughly without you needed to start sweating.

It's important to remember that pheromones are a great opener, but they won't win the race for you. Their scent will get a woman's attention, and even make her see you in a positive light, but you'll need to pick up the ball and run. That means you still need to be charming and engaging, even with pheromones on your side. These chemicals can get you noticed, but once the attention is on it's up to you to make your move.

For more information on pheromones, pheromone cologne and perfume, and how they can increase your dating success simply contact us today!

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