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Attract Men with Pheromones and Erotic Dancing

pheromonesEvery culture around the world has come up with different ways of provoking arousal, from the many varied positions in the Kama Sutra to belly dancing.  Some of these methods might be beyond the reach of the ordinary individual (unless you’re extremely flexible!)  But others are easy enough to adapt even if you don’t have any specific training.  Belly dancing and pole dancing are both sure to turn on your partner, even if you don’t do them perfectly.  And using pheromones at the same time as you dance can have a “double whammy” effect which is sure to result in amazing sex afterwards!

The Empowerment in Dance

Belly dancing is becoming quite popular these days, merely as a form of exercise, just like pole dancing.  Although these dances might previously have been considered as ways and means to arouse men, women are beginning to find them empowering.  There’s nothing that makes you feel quite as sexy as putting on a belly-baring, jingling outfit that emphasizes your curves and makes the best of them.  And even if you may not understand all the specifics of belly rolls and shimmies, you can still have a good time swaying to the music and looking sexy.  Using TRUEsexiness as the same time can enhance how attractive you feel and make you more appealing to your partner at the same time.

How Dancing Turns on Men and Women

It’s a scientifically proven fact that men are more aroused by visual cues while women get more turned on by their other senses, including the sense of smell and the sense of touch.  Still, any form of dance is likely to turn on both partners.  Men are aroused by the visual aspect while women are aroused by the exhibitionistic aspect of dancing.  If you’re a man who wants your partner to dance for you one night, try TRUEjerk, which will turn her into a “bad girl” willing to please your inner “bad boy.”  And what bad girl could say no to a little bit of erotic dancing?

Dancing and Exhibitionism

There’s an element of exhibitionism that goes along with being a dancer.  If you like the idea of someone watching you appreciatively and getting turned on by your movements, then including a bit of belly dancing or pole dancing, whichever takes your fancy, can help to improve your sex life.  You can experience a great sense of freedom when you indulge your exhibitionistic side.  While growing up, many people are taught to restrain themselves, dress appropriately and behave in an asexual manner.  But you can throw off these restraints in the privacy of your bedroom by taking up belly dancing or pole dancing.

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