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Attract & Keep Your Ideal Mate with the Use of Pheromone Fragrances

Pheromone FragrancesThe complex chemistry of attraction between animals — and between human beings — has always been a mystery. For a long time, humans did not know why they were drawn strongly to one person, while less interested in others. This doesn’t just go for sexual and romantic attraction, either; we're naturally drawn more to certain people for friendship and business relationships than to others.

Science has discovered that much of our subconscious drive to connect with some individuals but not others has to do with something called pheromones. Pheromones are chemical compounds occurring naturally in our body chemistry, as well as those of animals and insects.

We secrete these compounds in our bodily fluids. When a pheromone is secreted, other humans can smell it (unconsciously) and the scent transmits information about the carrier's genetic makeup. Like animals, our bodies try to urge us to mate with those whose genetic makeup is most different from our own, which will give our children the best likelihood of survival and robust health. Biologically, we meet a certain person, feel draw to him or her in some mysterious way, and thus feel a sexual attraction. Boom — those are your pheromones in action!

The interesting thing about pheromones is that science has found a way to isolate and synthetically duplicate them for use in fragrances and other products. Therefore, even if you don’t have the right “scent” to attract the person you desire, you can use these products to draw desirable people to you, sexually and romantically. Pheromones have also been used to formulate perfumes that aren’t for just sexual purposes — they can be used to increase communication between friends and family members, spur trust in business associates, and convey to others that you are a warm, open person.

Although you can get perfume infused with these compounds, they don’t actually have a detectable scent. You have the option of wearing fragrance with or without a scent, depending on your own preferences. Different formulas have been created for different purposes, so wherever you feel like you could use a positive boost in your life, be it your sex life or career — you can find the perfect pheromone-based scent to increase your success.

If perfume or cologne isn’t your thing, you can also get pheromone-infused candles, lotions, bath oils, hair conditioners and more to see how this aphrodisiac works for you.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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