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5 Tips for Dressing to Attract Men

pheromonesIn today’s world, appearances matter.  You want to look good to attract the opposite sex.  And since men are more visually inclined than women, it’s easier to get them interested and keep them that way by looking good.  However, women don’t always know what kind of look is going to attract men.  They think that because all fashion models are tall and skinny (and usually blond), that this is the type of look that men like.  However, keep in mind that these standards are generally set by people in the fashion industry and not men in general.  What real men are looking for is usually quite different.  Here are a few ways in which you can dress to attract men:

  1. Emphasize Your Curves.  It’s true.  Real men like curves.  They don’t always go for tall, skinny girls.  In fact, 90% of the time, men prefer women with a little bit of meat on their bones.  So don’t try to hide your curves underneath your clothing.  Don’t wear loose clothes which make you look bigger than you are.  Instead, wear well-fitting clothes that show your curves.  But don’t go overboard.  Not everything has to be made of spandex!
  2. Let Your Hair Down.  It’s an evolutionary thing.  Men like women with long, lush hair because it shows that the women is healthy and fertile.  She’ll be able to have a lot of babies.  Nowadays, everyone may not want to have babies but the attraction to fertile, long-haired women has become a part of men’s genes.  So don’t pin it all back; let it down.  If you really want to go all out, get extensions!
  3. Wear Red.  The color red serves as a trigger for most men.  When presented with  photographs of women in red, black or any other color, men will always point to the woman in red as being the most attractive, even if she doesn’t have the best figure.  Even if your whole outfit isn’t red, you can add a few red touches in terms of lipstick or a handbag.
  4. Use Pheromone Perfume.  As we all know, biology plays an important role in attracting people to each other.  So why not make it work for you by using pheromone perfume?  Different types of pheromones have different effects.  So you can use this to your advantage.  Make yourself more sexy or easier to talk to, depending on what you’re looking for in a relationship.
  5. Be Confident.  No matter what you wear, nothing attracts a man like a confident woman.  When you’re confident, you stand straighter and look people in the eye.  This gives men a chance to see your face and appreciate it.  Plus, standing straight also helps to emphasize your curves.  And when you’re confident, you walk in a way that will make men turn to look at you.  So do whatever makes you feel confident.

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