Which Sexual Attraction Pheromones are Right for You?

Which Sexual Attraction Pheromones are Right for You?

4th Feb 2014

PheromonesSexual attractiveness is the holy grail of the dating and mating scene. Some people seem to be born with it, while others have to work at it. If you're not among the blessed, you're not alone.

Women know what it's like to attend a social event with a striking, outgoing friend. All the guys flock to the pair of you, only to rivet their eyes on your friend's shiny hair or luscious long legs.

Men have probably been to singles bars where it seems like all the women are clustered around one or two tall, confident jocks.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to keep this from happening to you in the future. You can certainly improve your personal style, get in better shape, and stop going to parties with ultra-hot friends. But there are easier ways to turn yourself into the one others flock to. The secret is to leverage human biology and make it work in your favor.

You have probably heard of pheromones and know they are odorless substances emitted by animals, plants, and human beings. They are natural chemical messengers that convey a range of messages, including warnings, direction of travel, and availability for mating.

Scientists have bottled the most important essences of the human pheromone range, creating potent formulations that can address the needs of would-be lovers who can't seem to find a match.

If you're a woman, the best products contain a substance known as Copulin. A few drops of a Copulin formulation, applied to the skin, brings about new perceptions by men. They'll feel attracted to you, sense your inherent sexiness, and even feel close and want to cuddle.

For men, a different formulation is optimal. Men benefit from pheromone products containing Androstenone, and preferably its chemical cousins, the Androstenols. In combination, these invisible attractants not only cause women to find you sexy, but will help you command the respect of others.

Androstenones and Androstenols are not just for men. Women use them successfully to really hook in guys who might not have noticed them otherwise.

Whatever you do to make yourself attractive by conventional means, you can enhance your ability to play the mating game by arriving not just with bells on, but with a carefully designed human pheromone compound, as well! In other words, anyone can shine if they know the secrets of pheromones.

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