What Men Really Want and How You Can Attract Them With Pheromones

What Men Really Want and How You Can Attract Them With Pheromones

14th Aug 2015

pheromonesIt's the age-old question that women have been asking each other for years: what do men really want? What do they find attractive? Physical attraction is a given, of course, but certainly there are factors beyond sexual chemistry that play a role in partner choice. There are, in fact, some timeless qualities that make men notice women-- and want to stick around:

The right attitude. She might be gorgeous, but if she's rude and abrasive, that's a deal breaker for most men. Likewise, her looks are largely irrelevant if she's secretly a Debbie Downer, always focusing on the negatives. Men like positive women who have an air of confidence, but not arrogance. In short, the woman who sees the glass half full is likely to score more dates than the woman who insists the glass is half empty.

Intelligence. It's difficult to establish an enduring relationship with someone who can't hold an intelligent conversation. Beyond physical attraction, an intellectual compatibility is key in a successful relationship. Men seem to agree almost unanimously: smart is sexy.

Sense of humor. Men cite a sense of humor as one of their most desired qualities in a long-term partner. While it's important to have deep, meaningful conversations with your partner, it's equally important to find someone who's comfortable letting loose and being silly with you. After all, healthy relationships are fun and stress relieving for committed couples.

Loyalty. Topping the list of the most attractive traits a woman can possess is loyalty. Men want partners that are committed to them exclusively. A successful relationship is virtually impossible without trust and trust is non-existent without loyalty.

So, the age-old mystery is solved; men want a confident, smart, funny, and loyal partner. Maybe you know that you're all of these things but still have difficulty meeting men when you're out. We have just the solution for you. Now, you can attract men with pheromones in the form of a pheromone perfume. By applying the perfume, your body's own pheromone levels will increase, and men will feel subconsciously drawn to you. Once the initial attraction is established, you'll have the chance to showcase all of your other winning qualities.

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