Understanding the Real Language of Love

Understanding the Real Language of Love

17th Dec 2015

pheromonesHumans and animals alike naturally use pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Until recently, humans have been utterly dependent on their own pheromone production to create the foundation for their social interactions; since we can't control our own pheromones, this left many of us at a disadvantage.

Bottled pheromones even the playing field and give you a little extra edge. Knowing which pheromones to use and how to use them is like becoming fluent in a language that everyone understands, but few people speak. It gives you the power to influence the outcome of social situations by clearly expressing your intentions through non-verbal, chemical communication.

Attraction is the first step to any sexual relationship. Whether you are looking for long-term love or a one-night stand, if there is no immediate attraction, you won't get far. Pheromones get your foot in the door by piquing their interest, fascinating the instinctual part of their brain. The right chemicals plug in to pheromone receptors, giving you the green light to communicate verbally and physically.

Human brains are set up to weed out undesirable mates automatically. In order for a relationship to begin, both people must pass tests they aren't aware they're taking. Scent, voice timbre, gait, and most importantly pheromones all tell a story about you to other people, and that story will determine whether you have a shot at connecting with them on a conscious level ... or not.  Understanding what your body is expressing is key to unlocking successful social interaction.

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